Michael Streiff appointed to Isanti Council seat

During the June 5 Isanti City Council meeting, Michael Streiff, who is on the city of Isanti Planning Commission, was sworn in to temporarily fill the vacant city council seat of Ross Lorinser, who resigned May 15.

Streiff will fill the seat until a new candidate is elected during the election in November and takes office Jan. 1.

The seats of council members Steve Lundeen, Jim Kennedy and Ross Lorinser will be open this fall. Two of them are four-year terms, while Lorinser’s term was set to expire at the end of 2014.

Isanti City Administrator Don Lorsung (left) swears in new interim city council member Michael Streiff during the June 5 council meeting. Photo by Elizabeth Sias

Eight candidates have filed for an open city council seat, including incumbent Steve Lundeen for a four-year seat. Other candidates who are running for a four-year seat are Rick Wegwerth, John Booth, Adam Johnson, Kimberly Horst and interim city council member Streiff. Running for the two-year seat are Thomas Aleckson and Dan Collison.


City to re-examine parking regulations for semis

Council members passed a motion to put a moratorium on parking regulations on semis within residential areas of the city.

The current city code on rules for the parking and storage of recreational and other types of vehicles does not allow for semi-tractors to be parked in residential districts. The Planning Commission will re-examine the city code and set new regulations in place.

Council members made this motion after a discussion with Isanti resident and semi driver Douglas Anderson, who has received complaints about semis parked on his property.

“I can’t afford to pay to park it in another lot,” he said.

When putting new parking regulations in place, Isanti Mayor George Wimmer said the Planning Commission should keep in mind safety–such as line of sight issues and impact on traffic, depending on how and where the vehicle is parked–as well as nuisance issues, such as horns blowing or the vehicle kept running for long periods of time.


In other action, the council:

• Approved a special event request from the Cambridge-Isanti Soccer Club to host the North League Girls Playoffs from July 12-16 at the Isanti soccer complex.

• Accepted the cost estimate provided by Bolton & Menk to review sidewalk areas on County Road 5 NE for a cost not to exceed $2,000. The city is considering constructing sidewalks along segments of the road, but first needs an engineering review.

• Authorized the placement of a park bench from the Cambridge-Isanti Rotary club along the Cambridge-Isanti Bike/Walk Trail near 301st Avenue. The Rotary Club will be responsible for installation and maintenance of the bench.

• Approved temporary seasonal parking for practices and events for the Rum River BMX Association.

• Authorized Police Chief Ron Sager to apply for the Bulletproof Vest Partnership grant. They apply every year, and the grant pays for about half the cost of vests for officers.