Looking back at Grandstand events

Jack Puterbaugh
Guest Columnist

The latest issue of the Isanti County News has a story that lists the grandstand program for this year’s Isanti County Fair. This year, fairgoers will have the opportunity to watch mostly Demo Derbies and Tractor Pulls.

Back in January of 1976 when the Fair Board was planning grandstand events for the fair that year, Board Member Elgin Gunderson came up with a rather interesting idea. He suggested that the Fair Board invite the well-known country music artist, Loretta Lynn, to put on a concert at the fair. The rest of the Fair Board liked Elgin’s suggestion.

As a result Loretta Lynn did appear in concert at the fair. My recollection is that the fee for her appearance was $10,000. Sadly, ticket sales were not sufficient to cover that cost. Loretta made a rather interesting comment when she looked over the crowd she was about to perform for. She said, “this is one of the smallest audiences I’ve appeared before recently.” But the show went on, and it was a most enjoyable performance. In the years since, I don’t believe there has been a similar grandstand program. Anyway, when you go to the fair this year, have a good time.