Jeske Noordergraaf to run for MN Senate District 32

Dr. Jeske (Yes-ka) Noordergraaf, chair of the Sunrise Town Board, seeks election to the Minnesota Senate in District 32.

Noordergraaf earned her doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University Of Pennsylvania. In 1993 she began her equine veterinary practice in Chisago and Isanti counties, establishing the respected Sunrise Equine Veterinary Services.

Shortly after making Sunrise their home in the early 90s, Noordergraaf was elected as the first woman on the Sunrise town board. During her first term she was instrumental in developing the Sunrise Township road maintenance program, which led to a significant improvement in the quality of the roads in the township.

Her 17-year experience as a successful business owner and job creator will be invaluable in the Senate as it considers decisions that impact entrepreneurs and small business owners.

“Minnesota’s strong education legacy has been the key to the success of this state over 100 years,” Dr. Noordergraaf said. “We are home to 3M, Medtronic, Target, and other Fortune 500 companies because business looks for the key ingredient to success—a skilled and educated work force. As a senator I will work to make Minnesota stronger and more competitive. As a business owner and professional I know the importance of a well educated and motivated workforce.

“My interest in serving in the Senate stems from my frustration of seeing all the fighting that is going on in the legislature rather than cooperation. When I go on veterinary calls, I often hear farmers’ concerns which are not being addressed by our current legislators. I pledge to work hard in the Senate, to listen to all voices and make fair decisions,” she added.

Dr. Noordergraaf was endorsed by the Democratic, Farmer, Labor Party (DFL) at the Senate district 32.