Industries. Inc. makes shadow boxes for GracePointe Crossing

Industries Inc. recently created more than a dozen shadow boxes for GracePointe Crossing.

GracePointe Crossing Housing Administrator Todd Klein with Industries Inc. Joel Martin, Terry Grufman and Bill Pietz. Industries Inc. made 19 shadow boxes for memory care residents to decorate with personal items and hang outside their doors. Photos by Elizabeth Sias

The boxes will be installed outside each apartment in the Arbor at the Commons, where memory care residents live, said GracePointe Crossing Housing Administrator Todd Klein.

“Families and residents can decorate them, putting memories in them to help residents remember where their apartment is and be able to reminisce about their younger days,” he said.

n example of how the memory care residents can fill the shadow boxes with unique items or photos from their past.

The shadow boxes will be filled with personal items such as photos, a favorite tea cup, child’s baby shoes or any items that are familiar.

On Thursday, employees and clients from Industries Inc. visited GracePointe Crossing to deliver the finished boxes.

“Me, Bill and Terry worked on them a couple times,” Industries Inc. client Joel Martin said. “Bill (Pietz) painted, and I mostly did the screws and put the hinges in, and Terry (Grufman) did the hammering.”

One box already hanging outside a door as an example included a photograph, a model car, a baseball and more.

“Our team thought, ‘What can we do to enhance the experience of our residents downstairs?’ Klein said. “What we came up with was shadow boxes. They enhance the environment, it’s a great talking point for residents and families, and it’s just an opportunity to reminisce and share with the other residents down there different aspects of each individual that’s living down there.”

Staff agree that shadow boxes were a great idea, but then they needed to find a way to get them. That’s when Klein remembered Industries Inc.

“It’s important for us to stay local, so Industries was a no-brainer for us,” he said. “I pitched the idea to them and it was something they were excited about. Now we’ve got them and they’re beautiful. They’re exactly what we wanted.”