Concerns over power line through Athens Township

Dear Editor:

We attended a meeting on Thursday, May 17, the purpose of which was for the Athens Township Planning Commission to consider approval of amending a conditional use permit (CPU) to Great River Energy to install a 69kv power line through Athens. There were many affected residents at the meeting who voiced great concern and opposition to this being agreed to.

After many opinions expressed by concerned residents to not allow this, there really was no deliberation before they voted to approve. Was the decision a foregone conclusion even before the meeting was held?

The preferred route by GRE was to go through East Bethel; they evidently found out about this and were able to enact some rules that would prevent it. The route thru East Bethel would be less costly and affect fewer residences. It is our understanding that GRE took the issue to court, but then decided to push this through in our area because they don’t want to go thru the expense of litigation with East Bethel.

We are opposed to this going through our area and affecting many residences. We are upset because these arrangements were being made without our knowledge.

This issue will be voted on at the Athens Township Board Meeting on Monday, June 4, at 7:30 p.m. at the Athens Township Government Center. We encourage all those that are affected and/or interested to attend this meeting.

Jim and Carol Bostrom
Arnie and Jane Hischer
Athens Township Residents