Bronze Star Grave markers missing from area cemeteries

Dear Editor:

Bronze Star Grave Markers, used to mark the gravesite of veterans, are missing from a number of cemeteries in Isanti County.

It is uncertain who is responsible for the loss of these Bronze Star Grave Markers, but we do know who is affected by the loss. Widows and family members of the deceased veterans have been reporting these missing markers and are very hurt by the loss. It was terrible enough to lose their spouse, father, mother, brother, sister or family member—now they have lost the marker that recognized their family member’s service to our country.

Our military veterans deserve to be recognized for their dedication and commitment for serving in one of the military branches of the United States. Oftentimes their only recognition is with a Bronze Star Marker marking their gravesite. Every Memorial Day, programs are held at many of the cemeteries in Isanti County. Prior to these programs, Volunteer Flag Placers place flags into the Bronze Star Markers to recognize these veterans. Only this year many of the veterans buried at these cemeteries did not have the recognition of being a veteran, which the Bronze Star Marker represents.

For those who visited the cemeteries this Memorial Day and found a Bronze Star Marker is missing, please know that the veteran is not forgotten and we will do all we can to respond as best we can to the situation.

In the meantime, should anyone have any information regarding the loss of these Bronze Star Markers, contact the Isanti County Sheriff’s Tip Line at 763-691-2426, or the Isanti County Veterans Service Office at 763-689-3591. To report the theft of a Bronze Star Marker, call the Sheriff’s Dispatch at 763-689-2141.

Volunteer Flag Placers for Isanti County Cemeteries