‘Bookers’ enjoy lunch at Wintergreen’s

Dear Editor:

I am a ‘booker.’ I belong to a book club. Our ‘booker bunch’ climaxed our year with a great lunch and photo shoot at Wintergreen’s in Isanti. No book was discussed. This was ‘our time.’ The only requirement at lunch … Bring a book recommendation for the fall schedule.

I encourage you to join a book club. Here are a few reasons why … Suggestions from a few Bookers:

• We read things we wouldn’t otherwise read.

• Everyone feels comfortable, regardless of differences.

• We like to eat, talk and read.

• As we age … It is a great way to stay connected.

• Most of all it is fun. Have some fun with books and other people.

The Bookers I belong to meet once a month. We are a very diverse group. We are ‘casual’ and we are ‘flexible.’ (We don’t clean dust and cook coffee … We go to a restaurant.)

We meet the third Monday of the month beginning in September. Interested? Call Lois Tureen at 763-689-2180.

Lois Tureen