Women’s sturgeon fishing trip and BOW opportunities

Being an outdoors woman I have always had the drive to get my girlfriends “a field” with me. After working several years with the local Fisheries Division I had the opportunity to conduct sturgeon sampling surveys. Getting paid to fish for sturgeon– what a job!

Shayna Ray and Angela Londgren with a husky sturgeon caught on Rainy.

So when I noticed the Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) program was offering a Sturgeon Fishing outing on the Rainy River, I immediately contacted my girlfriends to sign up and made a weekend of it. We had a great time and caught numerous sturgeon.

The best part about a BOW event is seeing other women enjoying the outdoors and learning new skills. BOW is an award-winning outdoor skills program offered through the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in cooperation with more than a dozen sponsors. BOW has over 50 different outdoor skills classes for women and also offers several outdoor family events.

Needless to say, my friends were immediately hooked and saw why fishing for sturgeon was one of my favorite hobbies. Since attending some of the BOW classes, I have been asked to join the committee and have enjoyed seeing all the positive responses that come from the women who attend the classes.

BOW will be hosting its 6th Annual “Deer Day” Sunday Aug. 12 in Mora (for all family members ages 10 and older). Please e-mail Linda Bylander to register at [email protected] For more information on future BOW classes visit www.mndnr.gov/education/bow or call Angela Londgren (320-296-2970).

– Angela Londgren, Local DNR Conservation Officer