Being both for and against the same legislation is irresponsible

Dear Editor:

Last week the front page of the Isanti County News said,  “Local legislators vote no to Vikings stadium.” This is not the complete story for Senator Nienow. Senator Nienow voted yes on the preliminary passage of the Viking Stadium bill on May 8 when it passed the Senate 38 – 28. It was two days later when he voted against the legislation that he said yes to earlier. The point is, Senator Nienow voted yes for the Viking Stadium, before he voted no.

Why his confusion and the half truths? I wish I knew. Did he change his mind from yes one day to then being against it just two days later, or like a national candidate … he too has become an “etch a sketch” candidate, or was he just playing some kind of risky political game. Playing political games with a nearly $1 billion piece of legislation is serious game playing and should not be happening with those elected to represent us in St. Paul.

Being for or against important, major, costly legislation can be understood by the people of the district. However being both for and against the same legislation is irresponsible, quite risky and not playful. This seems to be a classical example of a politician taking a firm stand on both sides of the issue. Senator Nienow’s voting record on this issue is clear; he is a flip-flop senator. Stop it.

Dick Welch