Students help stamp out summer hunger

Ms. Miranda Klicka’s fifth grade home room class donated the most to the food drive with 318 items. Front row, from left: Cecelia Bredeson, Crystal Colbaugh, Levi Wilkins, Eduard Garbaly, Dylan Zdon, Meadow Lachinski and Hope Vanderwall. Second row: Taylor Schultz, Emily Roiger, Jesiah Vankirk and Nick Larson. Third row: Morgan Cooper, Stevie Dickison, Samantha Titus, Tuchie Moua, Josh Knutson, Robert Anderson, Tyler Gulick, Hughie Irwin and Triston Woolley. Back row: Austin Chromy, Ali Schreifels, Branton Wagner, Preston Stone-Auren, Cody Kammerer, Keegan Ginter, Wyatt Kruse and Ms. Klicka. Not pictured: Joslynn Olson and Cayden Ressler. Photo by Elizabeth Sias


In a friendly competition, students at Isanti Intermediate School raised 2,256 items for the local food shelf.

Ms. Miranda Klicka’s fifth grade home room class won the food drive with 318 items, far outstripping the goal of 88 items per classroom.

“We have very competitive students, so any time they know they’re competing against other classrooms, they’re all about it,” Klicka said. “We also talked a lot about why it’s important and how we can help.”

The school’s food drive was in partnership with Family Pathways Food Shelf in Cambridge, where the food will be donated.

For the “Stamp Out Summer Hunger” food drive, staff at Isanti Intermediate School/School for All Seasons set out to raise 88 items per classroom—one item for each day of summer vacation— a total goal of 2,200 items, IIS third grade teacher Dave Blanchard said.

They tried to get students excited about the food drive by educating them about the needs in the community, setting goals and graphing progress of the goals, using media clips  and offering incentives for the top collecting classes, he said.

Students passed their collective goal, donating all sorts of nonperishable food items for the families who utilize this resource.

“We live in a world where community services like food pantries are drying up,” Blanchard said. “If we can teach our students that even the smallest donations make a world of difference in someone’s life, then we have taught our students not only about citizenship but about life, a life where people can positively influence others without asking for anything in return.”

The winning classes are:
Ms. Klicka  – 318 items
Mrs. Roberts – 185 items
Mrs. Gorka – 179 items
Mrs. Gotfredson – 138 items
Mrs. Grace – 135 items