Rick Olseen announces candidacy for House District 32B

Rick Olseen

My name is Rick Olseen and I’m running for the Minnesota House of Representatives in the new District 32B. My wife Bambi and I raised our two daughters here. I served on the North Branch School Board for 10 years and was proud to hand my daughters their diplomas when they graduated. Seeing the struggles that this school district, and all schools in Chisago County, are now facing is one of the driving forces in my decision to run. We need a representative who understands school funding and is willing to explore new avenues for funding, like the school trust fund lands.

Another reason I’m running is because I am outraged about the Republican decision to eliminate the Homestead Credit and the ramifications I see for the people of our area. Businesses, farmers, landowners, and owners of higher valued homes and lake homes have seen their property taxes skyrocket because of this decision. This leaves our city councils, town boards, school districts and county boards scrambling to balance budgets to make up for this shortfall.

I have a vision of a Minnesota legislature that works for its citizens, not one that forces the State into the longest state shutdown in our nation’s history. And not one that solves the budget shortfall by borrowing from schools and against future tobacco bonds.

I will work to restore the legacy of leadership our state has always represented. I served on the Chisago County Board for four years and worked to improve our county road systems and bridges, libraries, health and human services and worked to keep our taxes flat. I also served for four years in the State Senate and worked closely with local governments. I’m proud to have the DFL endorsement and look forward to meeting many of you during the campaign.