Many attend MN Teen Challenge gala event

Dear Editor:

On Friday, April 13, the Minnesota Teen Challenge (MNTC) had 400 plus residents of all ages on the stage of the Hilton Hotel. These students sang and shared their testimonies of how their lives have turned around because of this MNTC faith-based recovery program.

It is an event that all Judges, attorneys, sheriffs, police officers and parole officers who deal with drugs and alcohol related crimes need to attend. The residents need our help and prison is not always the answer. Many start at a young age experimenting with drugs until eventually they become so addicted that they are kept in overwhelming bondage.

When calling for tickets, these are the questions I asked from the person on the other line: So what makes this program so outstanding? What are their success rate? How do they come up with their high number of graduates polled who continue to stay clean of alcohol or drugs? And what makes this program work? The information is given on their website:

When I observed 400 plus residents up on the ballroom stage, I couldn’t help but wonder how in the world do they feed, cloth, house and teach these people a new way of life? We were told they are now looking at starting up a home for mothers and their children. What can we do to help support this program? They come to our churches and sing and share their testimonies of changed lives. It must take a lot of donation to help a program of this size. They need our help.

Delores Mix