Thoughts on fluoride

Dear Editor:

The United States spends more money on healthcare than any other country yet it ranks 37th in the world in healthcare quality. The most common cause for deaths in our country is heart and other vascular diseases. Cancer and diabetes continue to rise in frequency. With only 15 percent of healthcare practices proven by research the other 85 percent of healthcare should be called into question including fluoride.

Fluoride was used by Hitler in the concentration camps to make the prisoners “docile and stupid.” It was found to be useful to quell resistance. Fluoride is the active ingredient in many SSRIs. Should we put fluoride in our water to medicate the masses?

Fluoride is an accumulated poison. If you look on your tooth paste label there is a warning to contact poison control if the tooth paste is swallowed. Health issues due to ingesting fluoride include diminished IQ, hypothyroidism, increased hip fractures, infertility, cancer, dental fluorosis and others. It comes from industrial waste from the aluminum and phosphate fertilizer industry.

Thirty-six of 50 states have multiple cities that have repealed the addition of fluoride in their drinking water. The democracies of Western Europe have almost been unanimous in their rejection of water fluoridation and their children’s teeth are as good as the children from fluoridated countries.

In Minnesota we need to repeal Statute 144.145. This statute requires all municipalities to add fluoride to the water. Enough is enough state legislators; the public knows what is going on with the fluoride issue. Repeal the law and let the public fight it out with their local municipality. City councils should put a fluoride warning in their water bill until the state law gets repealed.

Putting fluoride in the water makes as much sense as drinking sun block lotion to protect your skin from the sun. Ted Norris, MD with a PhD in neuroendocrinology practicing in Austin Texas states “All our thyroids are screwed up. It causes chronic obesity. It causes fatigue. It causes depression and that’s not even to get into the hip replacements and osteosarcoma. I think that it is worse than lead.”

Paul Bergley