Who will be our next president?

Dear Editor:

In about eight months, we will have the greatest privilege that this free country can have as we go to the voting poles and vote for the person who will be our next president. So what am I looking for in my choice of a president? The biggest issue for me is to stop the death of innocent babies: abortion.

National Right to Life News (Winter Edition) states Abortion Statistics in the U.S.A. from 1973 to 2008, based on numbers reported by the Guttmacher Institute, show 54,559,615 abortions were reported.

While all abortion is abhorrent to me, the procedure of partial birth abortion seems unimaginable; a procedure used in late term abortions, (that still continues in some states depending on the circumstances and state laws). The abortionist would turn a 3rd trimester baby (7, 8, & 9 month old) around in the womb which causes a more dangerous and painful breach delivery for that mother. They then pull the live baby’s body out to the neck and make an incision in the base of the skull. Then a tube is placed in the incision and then hooked to a high powered suction machine. All this is done while the baby’s head is still in the birth canal, but the baby’s body is fully delivered. Believe it or not, the abortionist would suction the brains out ending the life of the innocent child who could have lived outside the womb.

It took the Supreme Court from 2003 to 2007 for this hideous procedure of late term abortion to be banned under most circumstances. I was shocked to hear the Supreme Court didn’t stop this procedure because of this unbelievable method of late term abortion but because of the mother’s health. And I’m not against saving a mother or protecting her health. But the reality is the ban had absolutely nothing to do with the humanity of the baby. And the procedure still occurs in some states depending on the circumstances and state laws.

For more information see www.guttmacher.org/statecenter/spibs.

It’s unbelievable that this is happening here in America. And worse yet, our current President would like to see the ban lifted entirely. He would prefer no restrictions on abortion at any time for any reason. To read more on this visit http://voices.washingtonpost.com/fact-checker/2008/02/obamas_voting_record_on_aborti_1.html

We will go down in history as a free nation, but one that does not value and protect all human life. There are more than 54 million unborn babies now that have died since 1973 to 2008 but no statistics from 2008 to today. And we thought Hitler was a mad man killing 6 million innocent Jews. And as the black smoke arose from the gas chambers, trying to dispose of the evidence, we now have a black cloud rising over our abortion industry. The holocaust continues.

I heard of a woman, Carol Everett, who owned more than one abortion clinic and she admitted that all she wanted was to be a millionaire and had no concern for the woman or the unborn child. Today, she is for life and no longer in the abortion business. She shares freely the unhealthy and unsanitary tactics used in her facilities to increase profits. That was the goal. You can see her story in the book “Blood Money – Getting Rich off a Woman’s Right to Choose.”

For those women who have had a miscarriage or an abortion, I would recommend the book called “Heaven is for Real.” Several stores sell it including Walmart. This three year old child had a ruptured appendix and saw heaven and explained what he saw in heaven: a Grandpa that he never knew and a sister that his mother had miscarried when only two months pregnant and never told her son about this miscarriage. There is hope and healing for those who are still hurting. Contact your local pregnancy center for help or national programs like Rachel’s Vineyard. Don’t suffer any longer.

So what do I want in a president? I’m personally looking for that man and a party who will do everything in their power to develop and encourage a culture of life from conception to natural death.

All parties for President should be fighting to stop any type of abortion that still continues in our country. How many more babies will die because of abortion and what will the statistics be then? Only you and I hold that decision as we go to the polls. Who will we vote for? Hopefully a President who will appoint members of the Supreme Court who will change Roe versus Wade?

Pulitzer prize winner Ernest Hemingway while writing a six work biography wrote this, “For sale, baby shoes, never used.” Isn’t it sad to think that because of Roe versus Wade that more than 54 million baby shoes were never used.

Delores Mix