Students share their inventions with parents

Fifth graders at Cambridge Intermediate School shared their inventions with parents and guardians Thursday afternoon during the Inventors Fair. Photos by Elizabeth Sias

Eva Goetsch and Emily Nelson display their invention, E&E’s Bookmark, which would track the time and amount a person has read, then save their place.


Zach Beaupre and Trevor Stromgren invented an inexpensive safe called Safe-T-First.


Makayla Cin has a black dog she can’t ever find in the dark. That’s how she came up with the idea for the Glow Collar, a bright orange collar with a light.


Noah Schlenker shows his invention­—a spatula combined with a knife called the Spatknife—to Instructional Aide Barry Holmes.


Brandon Westberg said he noticed some of his classmates carrying around heavy backpacks that hurt their backs. His solution was the Portable Locker, a locker on wheels with shelf space for books and school supplies.