Spring growth with the Isanti County Historical Society

Kathleen J. McCully, Executive Director
Isanti County Historical Society

A few weeks have passed since my last update. Our recovery work has been very slow-going. A bright spot in the day is finding that interesting tidbit of history, an old ad, or anything that leads us to compare life today against that of the past. One such advert is from a local grocer and tells the cost of groceries in days gone by. Oh, if only we had those prices today to offset rising gas costs.

We have received replacements for several of the family histories in my last update, and as a result we can just dispose of the burned version and forego the dirty salvage work …Yeah! We are thankful for such small victories.

Below is a list of several more family histories that we need to replace. Pass the word to those you may know, and if they do the same, we can get a few more replacements.

• Eric Strom Family, One Man’s Reach by Silvia Strom Osborne.

• Anderson Dalarna, Tom’t Mats Anderson Family

• Fred Soderberg Family History

• Swenson Family Genealogy

• Arvid and Clara Swanson Family History

This is Week 39 after the fire, and the arrival of an early spring signals a new beginning. Everyone is eager to plant, clean, refresh, and, in some cases, add on an addition or remodel their home. ICHS is working toward all of those things this spring, and would like the community to join us at each new turn.

As our plantings around the Heritage Center emerge, I need a gardener or a garden club to transplant our flowers from around the slab to a temporary location so that they could be replanted in the future. Can you or your club volunteer to determine how and when this should be done? If so, contact Kathy at 763-689-4229.

Here are other ways to support ICHS during our marathon journey in recovery and rebuilding.



• By US Mail to 1700 E. Rum River Drive S., Suite K, Cambridge, MN 55008

• At www.ichs.ws

• At Cambridge State Bank.


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We are open by appointment only at this time. Thank you to all for their support as we continue on our journey.