Li’l Farm sale a success

Dear Editor:

When the call came from the Sisters and Maureen Grailer, they all came—from the people at Target, to the people from Braham and Pine City, to the women who had mounds and mounds of flowers to sort, and to the people that always come.

They came knowing that it would be a busy day and that they would go home bone tired but with such a sense of accomplishment. And the people that manned the check out areas came, too, with such willingness and eagerness. When the call came they were all ready and willing to help Sister Margaret and Sister Francette with the spring Li’l Farm Sale.

When the call came in the newspaper, you, the shoppers, all came, too. You came because the Li’l Farm Sale is always so special and because the work of the sisters with the children is even more special.

Then, finally, when the call came, you came to help us pack things up again for another year. So much love goes into the Li’l Farm sales. So much incredible giving of self. Watching the people slide into their places and do the marking, fixing, selling, packing, and unpacking with such ease and devotion is a real testimony of the faith of our communities.

So another Li’l Farm sale has been put to rest with the help of all of you volunteers, advertisers—The Isanti-Chisago County Star and Isanti County News, staff of Christ the King Catholic Church, and the Knights of Columbus, who sponsored the event.

Yet the work of Sister Market and Sister Francette continues as they care for those little ones who come to them. It is their work and their devotion that inspires us all. Thank you.

Della Theis, Cambridge