Appreciation toward Lisa Kosen at Braham Library Link Site

Dear Editor:

Since Braham has had the Link library service, I’ve been able to sign out 10 to 12 books every two weeks. This was made possible through the help of Lisa Kosen, and help me she did. I called her at the Cambridge Library and requested a particular author or book title, and next trip she’d have those reserved for me to check out. Further, she knew my favorite authors and genres and would have those set aside for me.

Plus, she accomplished this with her pleasant, welcoming smile and personality. She remained undaunted by the weather, or the burden of all those crates of books and materials to carry in and out for us.

I’m already missing your pleasant, warm, welcoming smile and words. Gone with them is any knowledge of my personal interests and wants. You were a special asset to your patrons and to the library system. Thank you. I wish you well in your future endeavors. Our loss will be their gain.

Alice Studt