CIHS Theater presents Neil Simon’s ‘Fools’

Lenya (Jessie Peters) and the Doctor (Jon Wells) are excited that 19-year-old Sophia (Elizabeth Nault-Maurer) has finally learned to sit in a chair. Leon (Adam Peterson) doesn’t really understand the excitement over Sophia.

It’s time for the Cambridge-Isanti High School Spring Play, and this year the Theater Department is presenting “Fools” by Neil Simon.

The production is scheduled for March 30 and 31 at 7 p.m. in the Hardy Performing Arts Center. On April Fool’s Day, it will be presented as a Dinner Theatre at Northern Lights Ballroom and Banquet Center which is located halfway between Princeton and Milaca on Hwy. 169 with dinner at 5 p.m. and the play at 6 p.m. Tickets for the first two nights are $8/adults and $6/students and senior citizens.

Tickets will be available at the door beginning 6 p.m. nightly; tickets for the Dinner Theatre are $29.95 and can be reserved by calling 320-368-4622.

The play is a hilarious comedy about a small Russian town cursed with stupidity. The only way to break the curse is to have someone come to town and teach one of the residents something … anything. That is where Leon, the hero, comes in. He comes to town, falls in love with the beautiful Sophia, but has 24 hours to get her to learn what 1 + 1 is. The laughs multiply and multiply as Leon fights the odds and the clock.

The cast is a terrific collection of actors and actresses, many of them having brought “Grease” to life this fall. Four of the 11 castmembers of “Fools” won honors this fall with the Hennepin Trust Spotlight Awards, given to CIHS for their production. Adam Peterson is Leon, the hero, and Adam got the highest Spotlighter award possible this fall with his performance as Doody.

Townspeople Slovich (Hannah Palmer) and the Magistrate (Tristen Sima) talk about the curse as Count Gregor (Jordan Zurn) eavesdrops.

Other lead characters include Jon Wells as Sophia’s father, the doctor, and Jon was also one of the Spotlight winners for his character of Danny Zuko. Jordan Zurn plays Count Gregor, the villain, and was also honored by the Hennepin Trust Foundation for playing Roger. Hannah Palmer plays Slovich, the butcher, and she too was given an Outstanding Spotlight Award for “Grease” for her portrayal of Jan.

Other castmembers include Elizabeth Nault-Maurer as Sophia; Jessie Peters as Lenya, Sophia’s mother; Tristen Sima as the Magistrate, and townspeople: Sydney Johnson (Yenchna), Adam Heinen (Snetsky), and Cassie Terrizzi and Isabelle Barrett as Mish-Kin.

Mikaela Kase does a terrific job as the Student Director and Katrina Barnes (Costumes), Andrew Pflipsen (Lights/Set), and Ellie Osborne (Sound) do a great job backstage. Mr. Bruce Danielson is directing the production.

Seating will be onstage, as it has been for recent spring productions, and it promises to be a great time for everyone with lots of audience interaction. Plan to attend this outstanding production.