Nelson Family appreciates support

Pictured in back are Eric and Kate Kirchner, Diane O. and Gretchen B. from Make A Wish and Tiffany Engstrom, owner of Cambridge Pizza Pub. In front are cake decorator Krystin Mossberger and Gunnar Nelson.

Dear Editor:

My son Gunnar is still in treatment for leukemia, and is doing very well. He was granted a Make A Wish trip to Disney World and Blizzard Beach. We were very lucky to have his wish granted, but also sponsored. Having a wish sponsored by a family/foundation makes the trip and gift more personal.

As our travel date got closer, our Make A Wish grantors wanted to have a pizza party to send us off. Through the family of our wish grantor, the owner of the Cambridge Pizza Pub, Tiffany Engstrom, wanted to help with the party. Tiffany contacted some of her vendors and together they were able to donate their party room and pop and pizza for our entire family (50 people). Tiffany also had another amazing surprise for Gunnar, as her sister Krystin Mossberger is a cake decorator. Because Gunnar’s main wish was to visit Blizzard Beach, Krystin put together a master piece of a cake looking like Blizzard Beach.  The cake had Disney characters riding on inner tubes going down water falls, and there were the broomsticks dumping buckets of water. It was amazing.

At the party we were able to meet the sponsors of Gunnar’s wish. Eric and Kate Kirchner (Kirchner Family Foundation) were such kind and compassionate people. We felt like they were giving our family a special gift straight from their hearts.  Because we were able to have such a personal conversation with the Kirchner’s, I feel my family was able to appreciate this trip as a gift.

Terry, Kelly, Gunnar & Ryley Nelson