Be careful out there

Dear Editor:

It is good that the local papers print folks’ opinions, easing fears of other forms of government replacing democracy. I find myself having to read and research regarding recent views printed on the opinion page. There will be no dissertation on hypocrisy as it is as American as apple pie though it is difficult to understand why buying votes and self enriching schemes should be just be for Wall Street. It may be that the status attained by representing the working class does not have the substance as someone making money with product or service. I don’t know but inquiry into union leaders’ salaries and how they are determined has not been completed by this letter’s timing as current events pressed its mailing. But I did find out from my union card friends, conservative and liberal, that there is a vote for union leaders and there does not seem to be the salary disparity as is between a worker and CEO of the company within which the union has its stranglehold.

This is no attempt to mesh average intelligence with those above average as there is strong historical basis that the poor has to exist, but they do have to have enough money for product and service, or else the rich ain’t going to get rich. My friends and I wonder about welfare abuse…,any plan to bilk the taxpayers. In welfare’s case it must be too simple to have some kind of work, if physically able, performed for that money unless this threatens someone’s job. It is difficult to understand why fraud is not more easily detected and prosecuted. But if welfare is determined by net worth, or lack of it, is it possible a net worth formula used for government subsidies in any form. Again, my research is incomplete for which I apologize and willingly accept direction.

The times are volatile and this may be a naive narrative but why cannot there be action about government reform while cutting tax loopholes without screaming tax increase. But we are talking about a situation where lobbyists can buy legislators dinner, or golf fees, to gain influence. It seems an awfully low ethical, and moral, standard so an enrichment of a higher form has to exist for our legislators. Why not just a glossy power point to get a legislator’s attention? But the world structure is going to keep changing as corporations are getting large enough to be there own fiefdoms with profit over national interest. This just might be the hallmark of capitalism. Again I don’t know though the word is businesses are coming back to the United States…,with a notion it may have to do with higher costs abroad.

It was stated that Lincoln tramped upon the Constitution, but the Declaration of Independence’s principle regarding equality was lynched, chained, bought and sold for decades. I’ll just mention Manifest Destiny and the Native Americans in the thematic stretch that during war basic human nature is compromised. It is not normal to kill. That a comrade is killed is also a life long reminisce. It helps to think that there was a cause, a reason, to be a participant, and witness, to this ugly, historical truth. It is carried out by Americans of all races and religions working together. They are coming home with terrible burdens and for them to come back to our comfortable cacophony is a damn shame. I think of sacrifice and how much we applaud it, but how much do we practice. Or is that why America’s men and women are fighting, dying, killing, limping and clapping with one hand…,so we can maintain the style within which we have become accustomed…,sacrifice is over there.

The following is what prompted a quicker mailing than planned.

The other morning I was listening to pundits give their observations about the Republican primary after Super Tuesday. They were talking about one candidate, the delegate vote leader, and what his campaign has to do for there was not a clear cut winner. It was mentioned that he has people in his campaign that would come up with something; he has people that were mean. A few of these pundits have political experience and someone said the ‘mean’ campaign strategists are warriors. It was early morning so I shook my head for clarity and amongst the pundits there were nods and ayes…,that indeed these people were warriors. It stills sucks the breath out of me to have someone on a battlefield reaching for a flag so it does not hit the ground, dragging a buddy to safety…,sobbing over the absurdity of it all…,compared to a jerk that manufactures TV ads, robocalls and mailings. Be careful out there.

Steven D. Anderson