Let us have our guy in Washington

Dear Editor:

I refuse to allow liberal-minded writers to brand conservatives, like me, as tea baggers. (If you don’t know what tea bagging is, Google it. On second thought, don’t). It is cruel and unjust to call us names only because the writer feels subject to radical leftist philosophers.

A previous writer said that the Eighth District got what it wanted in Chip Cravaack. Why, then, are you complaining? You had your liberal representative for 36 years. Let us have ours. Or, perhaps, do you think you’re entitled to having the guy in office that you want, when you want, and screw those of us who think otherwise? Welcome to America, brother.

Did I mention that Mr. Cravaack and his Conservative allies in Washington are trying to balance the federal budget? Perhaps it would be better to have liberal, free-spending representatives using our money as fast as they can get it, with no plan whatsoever of  stopping the spending? Don’t try to tell me otherwise—I’ve seen it.

If the flow of liberal agenda is not halted, you will soon find America under a Red flag—Communism.

Karl Zabinski
Stanford Township