Let us have our guy in Washington

Dear Editor:

I refuse to allow liberal-minded writers to brand conservatives, like me, as tea baggers. (If you don’t know what tea bagging is, Google it. On second thought, don’t). It is cruel and unjust to call us names only because the writer feels subject to radical leftist philosophers.

A previous writer said that the Eighth District got what it wanted in Chip Cravaack. Why, then, are you complaining? You had your liberal representative for 36 years. Let us have ours. Or, perhaps, do you think you’re entitled to having the guy in office that you want, when you want, and screw those of us who think otherwise? Welcome to America, brother.

Did I mention that Mr. Cravaack and his Conservative allies in Washington are trying to balance the federal budget? Perhaps it would be better to have liberal, free-spending representatives using our money as fast as they can get it, with no plan whatsoever of  stopping the spending? Don’t try to tell me otherwise—I’ve seen it.

If the flow of liberal agenda is not halted, you will soon find America under a Red flag—Communism.

Karl Zabinski
Stanford Township

  • Nancy McReady

    You would think that after 28 years with Congressman John Blatnik and then 36 years with Congressman Jim Oberstar, both from Chisholm and the Iron Range, that people of the 8th District would be excited to have Chip Cravaack as their Congressman. You would think that after 64 years with a representative from the north part of the district they would welcome a representative from North Branch and the southern part of the district.

    Both Blatnik and Oberstar did great things for our district.

    One has to admire Blatnik for retiring rather than staying in office until he was voted out. Oberstar should have followed his lead.

    Give Congressman Chip Cravaack a chance. He is doing a great job for all of the district, and we appreciate all he is doing to move PolyMet and Twin Metals forward.

    Cravaack has all of our backs!

    • Robert Walz

      The reason people speak out against Chip Cravaack is that he does not represent the values of our district and he is a hypocrite.

      Our district is progressive and liberal, Chip is not. That is why he won by less than 2% of the vote and didn’t even get 50% of the vote, compared to Jim Oberstar that always won by double digits, and in the previous election in 2008, by more than 60% of the vote.

      Chip, who was unemployed at the time, campaigned full time against Oberstar. He outspent Oberstar in the election. He used two issues against Oberstar, Oberstar’s residence and his vote for health care reform, which Chip and the Catholic Church misrepresented. Added to that, Jim was old and had been in Congress a long time, and many people were ready for a change.

      The fact is that Chip’s family lives in New Hampshire, that Chip has never been involved in anything in North Branch where he allegedly stays once a week, and he has done NOTHING for the district.

      He may claim a lot of meetings in the District, but I have seen him only once. Chip claims to be a Catholic, but I have never seen him at St. Gregory’s Catholic Church in North Branch, and Jim Oberstar, even though he didn’t live in North Branch, attended Mass on a number of occasions.

      I think it is time for Chip to resign so that conservatives have a fighting chance to elect a Republican. If I were a betting man, I would wager my money on the Democrat since Congressional District is both progressive and liberal at heart.

  • Sue Olson

    Robert, it is obvious that you do not know Mr. Cravaack. While Mr. Cravaack was “just” a stay at home dad he was also the president of our local PTO and volunteered countless hours at the school and at school functions. I believe that while he was in charge of the PTO he helped attain the funds and help build (literally) the new playground for the younger kids at the school.

    Also Robert, you seem a little holier than though. If you haven’t seen Mr. Cravaack at St. Gregory’s it is because you can find him at St. Bridget’s Linstrom.

    If Mr. Cravaack works half as hard working at being a Congressman as he did as a PTO president then we are very well served.

    Also as a Catholic myself, I think the Catholic Church is finally waking up to see how bad Obamacare is and that it will promote abortion and eventually euthanasia.