Was that really news?

Dear Editor:

Regarding the “news” article titled “Rep Cravaack believes reform needed,” in a recent edition of your paper: You must be kidding; or the article’s author must have been sleeping that day in journalism class.

That ridiculous piece with Rep. Cravaack spouting his views is hardly “man-bites-dog” news. It is not news at all. My beef, really, is with your paper. I expect that kind of nonsense from our Republican representative, but I also expect your paper to maintain, at least, minimal journalistic standards.

If, for example, there had been a demonstration (either for or against) Cravaack at that speaking engagement, then that would have been news. If, say, the group to which he was addressing was engaged in doing some sort of charity work, then that also would have been news. As it is, a Republican politician directing blame for our economic mess away from crooked bankers, warmongers and greedy corporations is hardly news.

Tell you what: give me a page to spout my left wing views and that would be equally inappropriate for a news section. If Cravaack wants to use your paper as a vehicle to voice his opinions, let him write a letter to the editor, like any other citizen.

The Eighth District voter majority got what they wanted-a really poor Tea Bag substitute for Jim Oberstar. Who, by-the-way, did more for Minnesota in 36 years than Chip Cravaack could do in 36 lifetimes. (Google Oberstar, if you don’t believe me).

I’ll leave you with this image: One of my Eighth District neighbors pulls up in his rusty, ‘92 Buick. He’s been out of work since about 2007, his kids can’t afford college, and if they have been lucky, one or two of them have survived being sent overseas to fight in the latest illegal, immoral and unnecessary war. Did I mention this neighbor has just lost his house to foreclosure? Look at that Buick’s rear bumper. There is what remains of a Bush/Cheney sticker still there – leaders of the last regime and the one’s responsible for initiating this whole mess. My neighbor voted for Cravaak too, and he’ll probably vote for him again. Now, what’s wrong with that picture? Some struggling blue collar guy supporting the agendas of millionaires.

Philip Klocksien, Isanti