‘Unfit to govern’

Dear Editor:

Governor Dayton has said that the Republican led Legislature is “unfit to govern.” I would like to lay out the case that he’s right about that. Since taking over the Majority in 2011 the Republican’s in the House and Senate have gone from one blunder to another.

Last year they forced our State to have the longest government shutdown in our nations history and how did they get us out of it? Borrowing almost a billion dollars from the tobacco settlement money so that in 2033 we will still be paying for the operation of the state of Minnesota from 2012 and 2013. This was absurd, along with millions of dollars paid out in interest and the original bonding costs. Next they delayed payments to our schools, holding back payment 40 percent of school funding. Forcing some schools in our area to borrow money just to pay their bills. I thought the Republicans were the fiscally conservative party.

The kick the can down the road party then became embroiled in sex scandals with Representative Smith having an affair with his legislative assistant and she loses her job. All the while he’s the Chairmen of the House Ethics Committee. Next the famous sex scandal with Senator Koch and an unnamed Senate staffer. Majority Leader Koch then steps down from the leadership position and her leadership team of Senators attacks her in the media like jackals. Then Republican Communications Director Michael Brodkorb is fired by the Republican Senators who were in leadership with Senator Koch. Of course he’s now suing the State over the loss of his job, who do you think will win that case and who will pay out big money?

The soap opera goes on with Senator Senjem becoming the new Majority Leader in the Senate. He appears to be a reasonable guy and was previously the Minority Leader in the Senate. One of his first actions blows the reasonable guy theory out the window. The Senate had to make cuts and where did they cut? All the cuts came out of the Democrats in the minority. Fair and balanced just like Fox news.

Now in classic form of we make laws for you not for ourselves 14 Senators and Republican Senate Communications Director Sviggum have printed campaign literature using public paper, machines and staff. Steve Sviggum served almost 30 years in the House and then was Commissioners for Governor Pawlenty he knows better along with many veteran Senators that what then were doing was flat out wrong.

Our own Senator Nienow and Representatives Barrett and Daudt supported these budget fixes and they all talk about shrinking government yet there votes on bills and bills they have introduced actually grow government.

I hope that I’ve made my case that Governor Dayton is right these Republican Legislators are unfit to “govern.”

Don Quaintance