Isanti Senior Dining is a busy place

Helen Remmers
Isanti Senior Dining Volunteer

Remember when we used to hear our elders talk about the “Good Old Days”?  Do you ever feel like we are hearing it again?

Just stop and think for a minute how good each day is and enjoy it each minute. We are each given a day, if you are having trouble being cheerful, come join the friendly Isanti Senior Dining in the Isanti Community Center on Monday and Wednesdays at 11 a.m.  We give away smiles, have entertainment some days, sometimes Bingo (no charge), a chance to socialize, provide information relative to seniors and a nutritious noon meal. Meals-on-Wheels may also be arranged.

Reservations can be made by calling Edie from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 763-444-6100 on those days only. You may sign up at the site, or at other times by calling 763-689-4691 and designate/record that it is for Isanti Senior Dining. Any questions, Edie can help you.

Many thanks to those who helped make our February a good time as we played bingo called by Florence Cohen, thankful to have our blood pressure checked by Angie Swenson, the fun and educational Nutritional Bingo brought to us by Ruth Thunstrom, and those wonderful old time tunes played by Tony Jambor and Ben Holden.

Looks like winter has arrived and brightened up our world outside. Come on in to see us in March to brighten your day  inside with other seniors. You can even get your walking exercise by coming in early and walk around the center. We look forward to the following events:

Monday, March 5: Ruth’s Nutritional Bingo.

Wednesday, March 7: Roasted chicken meal followed by Variety Pie. Activity undesignated.

Monday, March 12: Undesignated activity. Angie takes blood pressure.

Wednesday, March 14: The Honorable Judge Dean and his saxophone.

Monday, 19: Undesignated activity.

Wednesday, March 21: Topsy Turvey Day…How mixed up can you wear your clothes today?

Monday March 26: Activity undesignated.

Wednesday, March 28: Ricky Wilson with voice and guitar.

Undesignated activity days are often bingo days. Don’t forget to make your reservation. Suggested contribution for persons 60+and volunteer is $3.50-$7. Guests under 60 pay $7.

Partially funded under contract with the Central Minnesota Council of Aging as part of the Older Americans act and Administered by Catholic Charities of the Diocese of St. Cloud.