We need help locally

Dear Editor:

I think it is great that Representative Kurt Daudt is helping people over in Kenya and giving orphans a place to live. However, in the county newspaper, I would rather be reading about what he is doing to help people in our county.

We need help with our library in Cambridge. Funds have been cut by the county and there is a money shortage to the point where people are considering cutbacks on the hours that our library is available. What could Representative Daudt do to help us with this?

There is also a lot of use of the local foodbanks here.  People need jobs and there are at least six pages of local housing foreclosures in the papers every week. There are a lot of empty storefronts in Cambridge. What could he do to help with these problems? What could he do to help our local organizations and non-profits to make life better for people in our community? I don’t think that getting rid of the homeowner’s tax credit and now possibly the renter’s tax credit is the answer. I would look forward to his reply.

Barbara Kruschel