A reminder to ‘buckle up’

A recent finding of traffic deaths in Minnesota in 2012 showed that 8 of the first 10 persons killed in motor vehicles were not wearing their seat belts.

While none of these fatalities were in Isanti County, the Isanti County Toward Zero Deaths(TZD) Coalition wants to take this opportunity to remind all motorists and passengers to “buckle up” each and every time you get into a vehicle. Increased seat belt use is a goal of the Isanti TZD Program.

“It’s always a good practice to buckle up every time in a motor vehicle,” noted Bob Bollenbeck, TZD Coordinator. The Coalition suggests that we can all make 2012 “the year of the seat belt” in Isanti County.

The TZD Coalition also reminds drivers to pay attention (not drive distracted), avoid drunk driving, and drive the speed limit.

Bollenbeck added, “We are fortunate to have the Safe Cab program available to provide rides home from local bars in Isanti County.”

The Isanti County TZD Coalition meets six times per year to discuss strategies to improve traffic safety. Persons wishing more information can contact Bob Bollenbeck at 320-679-4065 ext. 24.