Discover faith communities in the metro area

Sandie Ordahl
Explore People First

On Wednesday, March 28, we will travel to the Fanny Hill Dinner Theater in Eau Claire to see the comedy “Tuna Does Vegas.”

Join us for a truly fascinating day tour as we discover some of the faith communities in the metropolitan area. We begin with a visit to an elaborate functioning Buddhist Temple in Maple Grove. Next we enjoy a guided tour of the Beth El Temple to learn about the rich history and heritage of the Jewish faith.  While there we will take part in a “Kiddush” luncheon. Our day ends with a tour and short organ concert at the beautiful Basilica of St. Mary’s in downtown Minneapolis.

Our extended travel for 2012 includes an 11-day “Rocky Mountain High” motor coach tour in July; a 15-day tour of Britain and Ireland in September; and a 6-day trip to Branson in November.

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