Thoughts on water meter issue

Dear Editor:

I want to compliment the city of Isanti on making Isanti a quiet, clean and descent place to live. There are nice parks and trails. Mayor Wimmer and the city council have been aggressive on growing and recruiting new business to Isanti. The mayor, the city council and Isanti residents who sit on the various committees are doing an admirable job keeping Isanti moving forward and adapting to the economic conditions of the area.

However on the Mark Wyandt water meter issue I have a question. Is this really all the better that can be done? Mr. Wyandt is the only non-compliant resident that has come forward and tried to work with the city to find an alternative solution. Mr. Wyandt is willing to pay to have a city worker to come read his water meter,  but $75 per month to a family that is only non compliant because they are concerned (and for good reason) about their seven year old daughter’s health.

The city of Isanti has picked a fight on another front. They have picked a fight with the chiropractic profession at the Jan. 17 council meeting. As a practicing chiropractor for 24 years I have done numerous school sports physicals. I have put people on work restrictions and then lifted  those restrictions. I have signed handicap parking forms. Many of my colleagues are doing DOT physicals. I am not going to say we are medical, but I will say that the chiropractic professional is a licensed healthcare professional and is able to render an opinion on health related issues in the state of Minnesota.

Taking America back starts by taking your city back. Wednesday, Feb. 8 at 7 p.m. is the next city council meeting in Isanti. Come first of all and most importantly because you believe that the Wyandt family should not be charged $75 per month when they have been to medical and chiropractic professionals, researched for answers and stretched their budget to keep their daughter healthy. Second come to support the chiropractic profession.

Paul Bergley, Isanti