“The One”

Dear Editor:

Often young people marry “the one” without realizing beforehand this person comes from a family having traditions, values and members (including the proverbial crazy uncle and/or a difficult in-law or two) very different from their own.

General elections are much like such a marriage. The person for whom we vote comes from a family (political party) often having very different traditions, values, and members from our own. The 2008 election certainly brought some difficult relatives, think Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Eric Holder, to name only three.  Voting for “the one” without considering the political “family” is ignoring reality.

One value the 2008 “family” does not hold is proven, affordable energy sources. Our Minnesota economy is heavily dependent on natural resources. Their use requires affordable energy. Our Minnesota climate also requires affordable energy for us to survive. The “family” wants to limit energy choices to “green” technology.  They have blocked full resumption of drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and a pipeline built with private money to bring Canadian oil to our refineries. This has cost thousands of well paying jobs, increased our energy costs and increased our dependence on oil from countries that are not good friends.

How many board feet of lumber, tons of iron ore or bushels of corn can be produced or homes heated with wind turbines or solar panels? Can the great beauty of Minnesota’s forests and lakes be enjoyed using solar panels and wind turbines?

Fortunately our “divorce” can be finalized in November.

David Greer