Royal Neighbors gives $2K toward Braham Area Community Center

Bernadine Damann
Guest Article

Dorothy J. Johnson’s dream is not for herself, but for all the people in the Braham area. She is doing her very best to make the dream of building a Community Center for the Braham area a reality.

Bernadine Damann, from the Grasston Royal Neighbors, presents Dorothy Johnson (right) with a $2,000 check to be used toward the kitchen at the Braham Area Community Center.

Johnson is a long time member of Royal Neighbors of America, an organization that has been supporting women for over a century.

One of their programs, “A Nation of Neighbors: A Woman with a Dream” provides financial aid to help women fulfill their dreams. Johnson’s local Royal Neighbor’s Chapter from Grasston knew of the Braham Area Community Center project and specifically of Johnson’s dream of having a really good kitchen in the community center.

In late September, Johnson’s local Royal Neighbor’s Chapter nominated her for the program. In November, Bernadine Damann, from the Grasston Royal Neighbors received a phone call from Vickie Sedam, of the Royal Neighbor home office that Johnson had been selected as a recipient of $2,000 to go toward her dream of the high quality kitchen within the community center.  Damann was asked to keep this a secret from Johnson.

On Dec. 10, at the fundraiser for the community center, Johnson was thoroughly surprised when she was asked to come to the front of the room. When Damann presented her the check, Johnson expressed her gratefulness to Royal Neighbors for this gift to be used to help complete her dream and the dream of many citizens in and around the Braham area.