Creepy cool: C-I One Act’s ‘Property Rites’

The Cambridge-Isanti One-Act Theater troupe tips its collective hat to the Twilight Zone with this season’s competitive piece, Property Ritespenned by Alan Haehnel.

Smug Mike Pushtin (played by Sam Peters) finds out how mean a short-ciruited computer program played by Megan Hovinen can get in the CIHS One-Act “Propety Rites.” Rushing in to help him are hapless shop owner (Jonathan Wells, left) and brother Rudy (Jordan Zurn).

“I really love the play. We’re doing pretty well with our performance so far, but just the show itself is pretty high-quality,” spoke CIHS veteran actor Jonathan Wells, who does a great job tackling the emotional challenges of lead character Kyle Macmanus. “It’s kind of creepy. My character has been trying to sell this multi-million dollar art piece computer program. Things go downhill, he’s not maintaining it like he’s supposed to. It becomes terrifying, not only financially for a businessman, but he becomes afraid these creatures are going to get him.”

The fast-paced drama sports a large 15-member cast. Local theater fans can view the Bluejackets’ edgy tale at the annual Public Performance 7 p.m. Friday, Jan. 27 in the CIHS Hardy Performing Arts Center The Bluejackets will also host a small one-act festival this Friday, Jan. 20 and the Section 7AA finals festival on Saturday, Feb. 4.

Elizabeth Nault-Maurer comes alive as Figure No. 3 in 'Property Rites.'

Elizabeth Nault-Maurer is another veteran CIHS actor enjoying her big part as one of the computer ‘Barbies’ who breaks free from the remote control.

“When I read through the script the first time, I looked at the lines and I’m thinking, ‘Holy crap! This is pretty good!’ rapid-fired Nault-Maurer. “I think the theme is experiencing new things. My character comes alive and is wondering what’s going on. She’s experiencing all these things to the max: she’s throwing out emotions, she likes this, she hates that, all of a sudden she can taste. It’s kind of overwhelming, and then she gets frustrated. Life is just hitting her in the face.” (Photos & story by Greg Hunt)

CIHS One-Act ‘Property Rites’ Cast & Crew

Cast (actor/character): Jonathan Wells–Kyle Macmanus; Jordan Zurn–Rudy Pushtin; Mikaela Kase–Gladys Pushtin; Mike Pushtin–Sam Peters; Elizabeth Nault-Maurer–Figure 3; Megan Hovinen–Figure 7; Hannah Palmer–Figure 1; Cassie Terrizzi–Figure 2; Cora Nelson–Figure 4; Kaila Farnsworth–Figure 5; Sydney Johnson–Figure 6; Aurora Wahlstrom–Figure 8; Maria Leibel–Figure 9; Jessica Peters–Leeza; Matthew Ziebarth–Brent.

Jonathan Wells as Kyle Macmanus doesn't get a lot of sympathy from tech support played by Jessica Peters and Matthew Ziebarth.

Crew: Kelly Farhni-Director; Julia Neary–Asst. Director; Adam Peterson & Jessica Peters–Student Directors; Adam Peterson & Aurora Wahlstrom–Understudies; Andrew Pflipsen–Lights; Adelle Nelson–Sound; Katrina Barnes & Josh Walz–Crew; Katrina Barnes, Tristen Sima & Kalli Beaulieu–Section 7AA Hosts; Jonah Benson, Deanna Moen, Amanda Paris, Abbie Smith, Hanna Seline-Wagner, Sarah Thus, Linda Todd–Assistants.

CIHS One-Act performance schedule

Friday, Jan. 20

CIHS One-Act Festival, 3 p.m.

Saturday, Jan. 20

Mississippi 8 One-Act Festival at Buffalo

Friday, Jan. 27

CIHS One-Act Public Performance 7 p.m.

Saturday, Jan. 28

7AA South Subsection Festival
at St. Francis, 8 a.m.

Saturday, Feb. 4

Section 7AA final four festival at CIHS

Friday, Feb. 10

Class AA Festival at O’Shaughnessy Aud., St. Catherine Univ.