“Circle of Kindness”

Dear Editor:

The Shalom Shop is to be congratulated again for their “circle of kindness” which reached out to the Isanti County Salvation Army and to the Isanti Lions Christmas project as described in a recent article in the Isanti County News.

That article illustrated generous checks from the Shalom Shop being given to these two local organizations. That is not all that the Shalom Shop does for this community. They also give generous money donations, from funds taken in from selling the donated merchandise, to some of the local food programs in the County.

This”Circle of Kindness” is a three step process in which, in the first step, residents of Isanti County donate gently used clothing and household goods to the Shalom Shop. Volunteers then organize, display and help with the sales program in the store, located in downtown Cambridge. Many people from the surrounding area shop there and benefit from the low prices.  That is step number two.

The third step, and the one I want to expand on is that the Board of Directors from Shalom then regularly give generous financial support to some of the local food programs to assist them meeting their monthly budgets for operation their programs. Most, if not all, of these food programs operate with volunteer workers. So, food and clothing needs for people on limited budgets, get a boost from the Shalom Shop. That is the Circle of Kindness.

I am on the Board of Directors of the Cambridge Surplus Food Program and I know full well how we have benefited from the generosity of the Shalom Shop. Our national economy my be crumbling, and there may be anguish and despair about the state of our nation, but the heartfelt kindness in communities like Isanti County demonstrates again that we are a people who help one another in time of need.

Dorothy J. Nelson
Board Member of Cambridge Surplus Food Program