Wishes & Dreams makes a difference

Dear Editor:

I want to express my gratitude to the Wishes & Dreams Foundation for everything they did for my family. When people think of December they think of Christmas shopping and family cheer. For my family we experienced a job loss and foreclosure.

I contacted the Wishes & Dreams Foundation and soon found myself speaking with Jennifer Ryan. She took the time to listen to me and hear my needs. Jennifer brought joy into a dark situation. She didn’t make me feel like charity or a number. She came to my house with her little elves and delivered Christmas surprises. She didn’t just drop the gifts off, she sat with me and made me feel like family. She went through each box of gifts that was specialized to each child’s likes and wishes. She made me feel as if I had done the shopping. She went one step further and handed me an envelope with gift cards that allowed me to do the grocery shopping for my family and to go out and purchase winter coats and clothing for all of my children. The biggest impact she made was when she left and the kids shook my hand and wishes me a Merry Christmas and then Jennifer gave me a hug and told me “Life has its ups and downs. Turn the downs into a learning experience and make the most of it. Remember you don’t need money to make a positive impact another.”

Thank you Jennifer and those who donated to her program to help make our Wishes & Dreams a reality. Thank you for not judging me and making me feel like family and not a number waiting for help.

Holiday Wish ID #367