County Board elects Larson as board chair

By Greg Hunt

The Isanti County Board got out of the 2012 gate with its organizational meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 3.

The first order of business was voting in Commissioner George Larson as the Board Chairman for 2012, with Commissioner Susan Morris voted in as the Vice-Chair.

Re-organization continued with the commissioners selected to sit on the 55 total commºittees and commissions which is part of their job. No major changes were made to the list, apart from where the new chair and vice chair are assigned to distinct committees. The Isanti County News was selected as the official newspaper by the board (same as 2011).

National Recycling Inc. welcomed as new business

While going through the 2012 recycler and waste hauler application approvals, the board welcomed new business National Recycling Inc. to the county. The metal recycling company owned by Rick Clark is projecting 13 new jobs at the start. National Recycling  is being built on 11 acres in Cambridge’s Opportunity Industrial Park, and construction could be completed in mid-February.

Health company approved for inmate coverage

As per Sheriff Russ Monson’s request, the board approved an agreement contract with Advanced Correctional Healthcare, Inc. (ACH) to provide medical coverage of inmates jailed in the county. Sheriff Monson explained the agreement not only saves the county approximately $50,000 per year but alleviates complications with medical transports and other medical issues, along with providing assistance with mental issues in the jail.

• At the Dec. 28 board meeting, the board approved shifting the county’s Emergency Services department run by Mari Bostrom to be run under the Sheriff’s office. Improving communication capabilities was a key reason for the shift.

Personnel decisions

At the Dec. 28 and Jan. 3 meetings, the following Personnel actions were approved: Family Services– Voluntary demotion of Candy McColley from Financial Worker to Office Support Specialist, with new Financial Worker opening to be filled; Promotion of Ida Bruckbauer to full-time Accounting; Hire Samantha Walker as part-time Office Support Specialist; Public Health– Reinstate Wendy Hasser as 2/5s Administrative Assistant; Parks & Rec– Hire Mike Mueller as intermittent part-time Parks Maintenance Worker; Transit– Hire Edwin Sweep as part-time Bus Driver.

Next meeting: Wednesday, Jan. 18 (9 a.m.).