Council learns about sewer service issues at local restaurant

By Rachel Kytonen

The Cambridge City Council learned about sewer service issues at a local restaurant during its meeting Tuesday, Jan. 3.

Utilities Director Todd Schwab explained city staff was contacted by Ron Nelson, owner of Sideline’s Sports Bar and Grill, regarding sewer service that services the bathrooms at his restaurant located at 138 2nd Ave. SE.

Nelson explained on the evening of Nov. 23, he had to hire a sewer service company to clear a blockage. After five hours of cleaning, the company was able to clear the blockage, the line was thoroughly flushed and then was televised.

Schwab explained the televising indicated that the sewer service is 6 inches in diameter from the building to the right of way. At the right of way, the service was reduced to 4 inches and maintains that diameter to the sewer main. The bulk of the blockage appears to be occurring where the sewer service was reduced from 6 inches to 4 inches. The fitting that was used to make the reduction appeared to have not been properly installed during the 2001 street improvement project.

Schwab said staff is looking at options to remedy the situation, but may require opening up the street and sidewalk which couldn’t be done until spring. He felt the fix will be the city’s responsibility since the contractor did not install the reducer correctly. After discussion, the council agreed to pay Nelson $450 (50 percent of the bill) he received from the Nov. 23 work that was performed.

• In other action, the council designated the Isanti County News as its official newspaper for 2012.