Carlson new Braham Mayor

By Greg Hunt

The Braham City Council began 2012 with a new look when Patricia Carlson was sworn in as Mayor at the Jan. 3 meeting. Carlson takes over from Ken Ceaglske who resigned in December after transferring to a new job in Lusk, Wyo.

New Braham Mayor Patricia Carlson (center) and appointed Council Member Terry Turnquist were sworn into duty by City Administrator Sally Hoy at the Jan. 3 meeting.

Filling in Carlson’s council seat is appointed Terry Turnquist who volunteered to serve out the one year remaining in the term. Up through 2008, Turnquist served several years as council member and mayor in Braham, and he will be Acting Mayor behind Carlson through 2012.

Among the changes to the 2012 Appointments/Delegations list were the following: 1) Adding Carlson and council member Traci Leaf to the city’s E.D.A.; 2) Adding Becki Marshall to the Planning Commission for a three-year term; 3) Confirming Rosemary Brabec, Bob Aas and Alice Studt as two-year term members. Remaining static on the list from 2011 were: 1) Official Depository– Frandsen Bank & Trust; 2) City Attorney– Joel Jamnik of Campbell, Knutson; 3) Official Newspaper– Isanti County News.

Also at the Jan. 3 meeting, the council approved a $4,073 change order to the Waster Water Treatment Facility project which included replacing the electrical load center, yard lighting and disconnect switches. The council also approved the annual benefit level of $1,290 for the Braham Firefighter’s Relief Association and the hiring of Tamara Skluzacek as a part-time liquor store clerk.

Next meeting: Monday, Feb. 6 (7 p.m.). Annual Audit 6:30 p.m. before Tuesday, March 6 meeting.