The Common Sense of Nationalism

Dear Editor:

It has become plain that for the sake of the United States the owners of our companies must adopt more the philosophy that their companies’ existence should be dedicated toward the employment of our workers. The spirit of capitalism isn’t compromised by this. Japan has had this attitude and it has worked well. Market capitalism has at its core, flexibility. A shift of this type would re-build our sorely depleted economic base, employing millions of Americans in actual, viable jobs.

We should all be able to see the extreme and horrible consequences arriving to our families from pouring money down the hatch in China. Our sending consumer dollars over there has performed miracles in transforming her military so that she will one day not far off, push us out of the lake and take over the planet. Can we not borrow from Winston Churchill’s wisdom, who saw the ‘Gathering Storm’ of a Germany under Hitler and apply it to the aggressiveness of China?

Argue if you feel to, but America is the singlemost stabilizing force in the world. I don’t mean a Pax Americana, like the Roman peace of conquering enemies so there’s no longer opposition. I mean that American effort in the majority has been to promote the values of democracy. You wouldn’t want to have it differently would you, being the part of America that you are and tasting of her goodness?

Yet if China uses our dollars to become strong enough to kick us out of the pool, or worse, also unites with Russia to do so, you may have to forget about democracy in this country. Life here could become a cross between today’s Tibet and former East Germany. Let us wake up before a Communist Chinese/Russian dawn engulfs us. Jobs for America!

Rod Bergengren