Amazing community contributes to success of The Refuge

Rahya Iliff
Community Education Coordinator, The Refuge Network

The Refuge Network Staff would like to thank the Cambridge Masons and the Landmark Community Bank in Isanti for yet another amazing and wonderful Christmas celebration for our clients and their children.

The Refuge Network wishes to thank the Cambridge Masons for their generosity again this Christmas season.

These amazing community members put on a celebration and feast for kings. I believe this is the 11th year that the Cambridge Mason’s have been hosting the party. Landmark Bank has been doing the giving tree for many, many years also. The generosity that our community members show always amazes me and just brings awe to all who witness this event.

I personally, have been witnessing this amazing show of community support for 14 years (that’s a lot of Christmas parties for me). It still brings tears to my eyes to watch the children open their presents that were donated by complete strangers and see the excitement and the gratitude from their mom’s.

The Refuge Network is a Family Violence program and shelter that relies on community support from groups, businesses and individuals. It is because of the amazing support from communities that we are able to continue this life changing work we do.

Thank you to all Landmark staff and customers and the Cambridge Mason’s and their families who continue to support us. If you would like to know how you can help support The Refuge Network, check us out at or call us at 763-689-3532.