The definition of freedom

Dear Editor:

The definition of freedom came up when I wrote a letter to the editor. In Hannah Withers’ letter to the editor, she wanted to know what my definition of freedom was when she responded to my letter to the editor.

When I looked up freedom in my dictionary it has many descriptions and options. What I meant by freedom is anyone in our free America can go to the polls to decide on a voting system that has freedom for us all. If someone wants to make changes on the marriage law that is our right as citizens to go and vote or write to our town paper for what we believe in.  That is why I wrote that I do not want our marriage laws to change. I believe in the best selling book in the world that tells us that marriage is between a man and a woman. Personally, I can’t consider any other option. (I will not respond to any more comments).

Delores Mix

  • Lane

    Delores, you cannot pick and choose Biblical passages to justify your views especially when the Bible describes at least eight marriage-like arrangements, giving preference to none. Again, passing the marriage amendment does NOTHING to change the status quo given that existing Minnesota law limits marriage to one man and one woman.

    By failing to give us readers one single good reason to restrict marriage to two individuals, one possessing a penis and the other a vagina, and stating that you will not consider further discussion, you have lost the argument.

  • Poul Larsen

    There are many definitions of freedom , f.ex. to choose or not to choose. Because of this fact minorities in a situation are strong but often the least heard.

    I agree with you on that point from the best selling book, that we can not name because of potential problems from the ACLU, that marriage between male and female is only sanctioned.

    Politically correctness is an enormous nag to freedom of speech, because you constantly have to be concerned with who you are going to offend.

    Same sex marriages are sensationalizing marrige and the legal ramification.
    Most legal decisions related to next of kin in a marrige are in reference to husband and wife, this denotes male and female.

    I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year