Thanks to all for the joy of the Li’l Farm sale

Dear Editor:

They were in church the other night—these truly extraordinary women Sister Francette and Sister Margaret. One was beautifully leading the singing and the other was gently holding the little child in her arms. This was the little child who came to them so very, very tiny and weak; the little child who needed such careful, tender, loving care, just as all the children do who come to the Li’l Farm Children’s home.

This little girl now can hold her head up, lean tenderly on the shoulder of the sister, and smile and respond. This child has grown, has flourished, in their care.

They would not like my writing this; they would not appreciate any words of praise in their direction, for that’s the specialness, too, of Sisters Margaret and Francette. And that specialness and that tenderness that has caused the children in their care to grow has also caused those around them to grow and to flourish. It has caused a community to gather together.

The holiday sale to benefit their Li’l Farm was again, this year, a success. Each volunteer—the drivers, the packers, the unpackers, the markers, the decorators, the advertisers, the people who sell, each now, I believe, finds a special place because each is part, too, of that Li’l Farm family. All of you who devote so much time for this sale are so important to its success. Each one of you finds his/her place to work—almost like a well greased machine. Greased now with love and appreciation for the mission of the sisters. Thank you all for this tremendous caring.

Thank you to the Knights of Columbus for your sponsorship, to Father Hahn and Jerry Warring for making the site available, to Isanti County News, Star, and the churches who announce and promote our sale, Isanti Rental, People’s Café, and to all of your voices who loudly proclaim this wonderful sale.

Thank you to all of you who support, through your coming to the sale, the mission of the sisters. It is always such a privilege to be among all of you. I smiled with delight as the sweet, young girl demonstrated one of the magnetic toys; I listened to the woman whose sight was so frail and felt joy in being able to help her find that special gift. I marveled at the woman who patiently waited an hour in the car so she could again come to help, and then there was the lady from Pine City who drove through the still sleeping streets of Cambridge so she could tend to the cinnamon rolls. I saw, too, in the eyes of gentlemen the appreciation and love they had for their beautiful spouses. I saw so many good things that my body, though tired, was so lifted with such energy by the spirit of it all.

Now back to the beginning. Without these wonderful, humble sisters, we would not have been drawn into an opportunity to gather and flourish together.

Saran ban Breathnach has said,“ Where there is love, there are always miracles. And where there are miracles, there is great joy.“ Thank you for all for the love, miracles and joy.

Della Theis