Rebuttal on class warfare

Dear Editor:

I wrote an article in this paper about the people running around the streets acting like idiots. Mr. Dave Skeldon came down on me like the monsoon rains. He talked about things I never talked about. I don’t know if Mr. Skeldon is one of the street people or just condones their behavior.

Martin Luther King, The Tea Party, and others got more done peacefully than these people will ever get done with their violence. Mr. Skeldon doesn’t like the rich. They don’t pay their fair share of taxes. What is fair? Take another 10 percent and you get about $250 billion. What do you do with it? Give it to the protesters? Give it to Washington to spend wisely? Right. Take the rich out of charities and they all dry up. Mr. Skeldon is mad at businesses who took some jobs overseas. Does he think that business people like to do business with China? Does he remember the people in Washington signed all of these free trade agreements? We flooded the market with cheap everything.

The companies could stay and close their doors on move to china. Obama just signed a new free trade agreement with three more countries. I hope Mr. Skeldon wrote to thank him.

Mr. Skeldon wrote, “we are coming under the dominance of a new form of aristocracy of the rich and the powerful.” I don’t know what this means, but I think he means Obama is too weak to lead.

Obama has been in office over three years and ran up over $5 trillion of debt. One more trillion coming with no money to pay for it in Obama care. We had a down grade in our credit rating. He says it’s the Republican’s fault. We are now about to get another one, Regan’s fault?

Mr. Skeldon went on to talk about the republicans wanting to raise the age of Social Security and Medicare to 67, but only for people 50 and younger. This got shot down. Mr. Skeldon has done nothing to worry about here because in 3 to 5 they will both be bankrupt. Then we can all say what happened?

The only thing I agree with Mr. Skeldon on is the middle class are the best workers in the world. But he misses the point. You need the rich to create the jobs. Take all of the money away from them and he is right, that we will be a Banana Republic.

If you want to get people back to work, we have to use our own resources. Cut corporate taxes, and cut all of the loopholes that allow people and corporations to pay little or no taxes.

Jerry Wennberg