Isanti County Christmas Project

Dear Editor:

With a modest effort, you can be a 2011 Christmas hero. In the next week, we need some authentic heroes, and we hope you’ll be one of them.

By buying a gift for a kid whose family can’t afford it, you make a simple, irreversible statement, and will help bring something good and enduring into your life and the life of a youngster you will never know.

That is where you and the Isanti County Christmas Project, coordinated by the Isanti Lions Club, comes in for another year of community love and concern, to perform an annual miracle of unselfish giving of donated gifts and food to the needy in Isanti County.

The kid or family to whom you become an invisible, but lifelong friend is not likely to meet you and could not identify you. No one will even tell you that you’re a better person because you thought of a life that has less than you. But it will be true nonetheless. No one will know that better than you! Only you can insure there is enough food and gifts to be distributed Dec. 17.

Non-perishable food donations, toys, cash donations, and hand crafted items are welcome and should be brought to either the Isanti Community Center in Isanti or the basement of the library in Cambridge on Saturday, Dec. 10 between 9 a.m. and noon. If you would rather not buy a toy or food, you can donate money. Money is important. In fact it’s critical. The Christmas Project is all volunteer. Every cent you send to buy food and gifts does its good work.

Money donations can be made payable to the Isanti County Christmas Project and sent to the Isanti Lion’s Club, c/o Tom Pagel, 28339 Bayshore Dr. NW Isanti, MN 55040. Anyone wanting more information is encouraged to call Tom Pagel at 763-444-6560. Thank you and Merry Christmas to all.

Tom Pagel, Project Coordinator
Isanti Lion’s Club