What is the definition of free?

Dear Editor:

Delores Mix: In response to your Letter to the Editor (“Don’t change the law on marriage”) you expressed your opinion regarding same-sex marriage.

You depicted supporters as “small interest groups” and said that, if the current law were to change, “[Minnesota] will be opening a can of worms.” “We live in a free America,” you said, “and we still are free.”

With all due respect, I would like to ask you what your definition of “free” is: if it entails a prohibition of rational and constitutional human rights, then perhaps you are a logical and sensible person to write against same-sex marriage. I, however, believe that marriage should not be limited by gender, and that freedom begins with open-mindedness. “Don’t come along and mess up our laws on marriage that is between a man and a woman,” you suggested, a statement I can only assume was directed at the homosexual population of Minnesota.

If this population you speak of is so intrusive, why, then, do you make it a point to hinder their happiness when it does not directly involve you? I do not ask you to change your opinion, only to reconsider.

Hannah Withers