Braham teacher charged with criminal sexual conduct

By Rachel Kytonen

A physical education and health teacher at Braham High School is facing two counts of criminal sexual conduct from incidents that allegedly took place Nov. 21-22.

Christopher Calvin Vavra

Christopher Calvin Vavra, 25, of Isanti, was charged in 10th District Court in Cambridge on Monday, Nov. 28, with 2nd degree criminal sexual conduct and 4th degree criminal sexual conduct. Both charges are serious felonies, with the first charge including the fact that Vavra was in a position of authority over the victim.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim, a student at the high school under the age of 16, told school administrators that Vavra touched and fondled her during school hours on Nov. 21 and Nov. 22.

The victim said on Nov. 21 that Vavra had hugged her, told her he had a confession to make and that he “wanted to fool around with her.” The next day, the victim said Vavra approached her after class and asked her what she thought about what he had told her the prior day. The victim then indicated Vavra hugged her, kissed her, and fondled her body in different places over her clothing.

She said Vavra told her not tell anyone what had happened and told her, “I know you won’t tell because you are a good girl.”

According to the criminal complaint, when interviewed by law enforcement, Vavra said he knew the victim and she had stopped by his classroom on Nov. 21 and Nov. 22.

Vavra said she was talking to him about what he wanted for a birthday present and said she would get him a gift card, and then he hugged her. He noted she had given him a birthday present the prior year as well. In the complaint, Vavra admitted to asking the victim if she “wanted to fool around with him.”

Vavra said the next day he asked her how she was doing and apologized for what he said and gave her a hug and a kiss. He said he may have touched her buttocks during the exchange.

Braham Area Schools Superintendent Greg Winter said Vavra is on leave from the school district. Vavra started teaching in the district in September 2010.

Judge James Dehn said he would recuse himself from the case, and was only presiding over the Nov. 28 hearing because there weren’t any other judges available. Judge Dehn said although he doesn’t know Vavra personally, he has known the Vavra family and their friends for many years.

Judge Dehn set unconditional bail at $100,000 and conditional bail at $10,000. Vavra doesn’t have any prior criminal convictions except for a stop sign violation in 2004.

“The defendant violated the sacred trust of a teacher-student relationship,” said Chief Deputy County Attorney Tom Wedes. “The defendant admitted to the sexual contact, and the defendant asked the victim to cover it up. It was grooming behavior.”

Conditions of Vavra’s release include remain law abiding, attend all future court appearances, submit to a urine analysis prior to release, no alcohol or drug use, no entering bars or liquor establishments, no possession of firearms, no contact with the victim or family, no contact with Braham Area High School, no contact with minors (excluding incidental contact), and no contact with minors except in a supervised setting with an adult in the room.

Wedes said the case will be prosecuted by the Anoka County Attorney’s Office due to it being a conflict case for the Isanti County Attorney’s Office.

Vavra is being represented by local attorney Sherwood McKinnis, with his next court appearance set for Dec. 29.

Vavra is a 2005 graduate of Braham Area High School, and was a stand-out athlete in high school and college. He graduated from Bethel University in May 2010 with a BA in physical education and health.

  • hams

    Oh boy, more authority figures getting in trouble…

  • mary olson

    Really????? First Mark Holm and now this. I don’t get what is wrong with these men. The Vavra’s are a great family and I feel such sadness for them. I hope they know that this has nothing to do with them as a family and I hope with all my heart that the community will support them and not do to them like they did to Mark Holm’s victim and her family.

    • Mary

      How the community treated Mark Holm’s victim and her family is a shame!!

      • george

        Well said Ann.

  • A teen’s mom

    After just going through a year of torment from another youth leader’s situation, I’m asking you Rachel, to learn how to write objectively and not always from the alleged victim’s side.

    Anybody reading this news story, take it from someone who knows, there’s more to every situation than what the print tells ya. Don’t make any judgments.

    • hams

      Seemed like a pretty objective article to me. She just laid out the facts.

    • Mary

      You’re accusing the editor of not writing objectively??? The facts are there. It sounds as though you want the public to feel sorry for the criminal. In a case such as this or the other “youth leader” situation to which you refer, the adult is THE adult and the child is the victim. The end. An adult in a position of authority, either case, is in control and should not manipulate the child for selfish reasons! I have NO pity for an adult who does regardless of how “wonderful” they were prior to the crime.

      • IamME

        Alright………….. I just want to first start by saying I am not taking sides on this report. No one on here knows all the facts about what happened. Therefore, no one should have opinions on what consequences the victim should suffer. I have knows Chris my whole life and what he did was indeed wrong under the circumstances that they occurred. I do not agree with him being labeled as a “sexual criminal.” He made a mistake and you nor I have the right to judge him. Please consider thinking about what you write before you just say it. Chris is a great young man with a bright future ahead of him and he deserves a second chance.

        • Zach

          Um … in what world do you live?
          This guy admits to “hugging,” “kissing,” “touching her buttocks” and asking her if she wants to “fool around” with him, and you don’t want him labeled as a “sexual criminal”?

          Here’s the good news: He’s not, yet, a “sexual criminal.” So you can rest easy. For now. If this story is accurate and he admitted to the behavior listed above, it won’t be long until he gets slapped with a Level I, II or III tag. (I’m hoping for a III, I mean, he *was* a teacher for Christ’s sake.)

          Also: I doubt he has a bright future. Wait, then again perhaps he does … is Bethel a Catholic school? If so, they’ll take him back and hide him … .

          • renee

            Bethel is Baptist and the college and religion of several recent sexual predators

          • Christine

            Amen Zach. I can’t believe some of the things I’m reading. It’s in black and white – I feel like some of these people have read a completely different article than I did! Poor poor sexual predator. How could this happen to such a “great young man”? Guess what. It didn’t happen to him!! He made a conscious choice, thought about it for a day, then went back for more and asked her not to tell. He flat out admitted it. How much more calculated does that get? And…. bright future? Where? How? There is no walking away from these things. This will follow him forever. LamME, you are delusional.

            Someone posted about property values going down because of this. Let me say that the back-country comments and leniency towards sexual predators will drive it down as much as being a breeding house for them. Thanks for telling it like it is Zach, I couldn’t agree with you more.

        • Adult vs. Child

          A teacher that touches a child’s buttocks is a sexual criminal. The end. Read the statute.

          • REALLY

            I know of Coaches in MANY schools that Touch Students Butts…really that is what you are going to go with!!!! Seriously people you need to really open your minds to see things in the whole picture instead of trying to make a teacher look bad for one mistake, that may I point out he apologized for BEFORE everything came out!!! That doesn’t happen with SEXUAL CRIMINALS!!!

      • A mom

        Well said, Mary.

    • Long time resident

      It’s hard not to judge when the criminal complaint states that the subject admitted to particular statements. I’m sorry for this family and the victim however when people make choices they should be prepared for the consequences.

    • tj

      Don’t believe everything you read!!

  • http://[email protected] texas twister

    it sounds like the school board did not do a very good job in the interview process,i bet they did not do a back ground check,oh but he graduated from braham so there for he is a ok

    • Mike

      I’m would hope the school board does not conduct the interviews of teachers or Mr. Vavra. If he had a perfect criminal record in the past the board would probably hire him, why wouldn’t they. This is a serious issue and if he is guilty he should never teach again or coach at any level. Let’s wait to see how the judicial system plays out.

    • hams

      Did you even read the article? The only other prior thing he had on his record was a stop sign violation.

    • teacher

      The state requires a background check. Either way, there was no prior criminal activity on his record. The system worked the way it was supposed to. It’s awful that the situation even happened, but the incident was reported right away and the teacher was taken away from the situation and awaits trial. What more would you like?

    • REALLY

      You cant not even become a teacher with out a back ground check…seriously you people make me sick!!!

  • Patricia

    Last time this happened, believe it or not, our property values went down in this area. Just what we need. I hope this is not true.

  • Kimberly

    In no way am I saying what Mr. Vavra did was okay, excusable, etc. However, there are few males – (authority figures or not), that wouldn’t have a challenge getting distracted by the way most middle and high school girls dress!!. Also, Mr. Vavra is a very good looking young man. Again, while what Mr. Vavra did is wrong – it may be very likely that the girl had a crush on him and came on to him in who knows what way. When I was in school, many girls in my class would make a pack to see who could seduce the young hot male teacher. Just sayen – – it happens!

    • interesting

      Wow! You should probably think before you speak! Is that what you would say if the victim was your daughter?

      “Well honey, you shouldn’t have dressed so skanky! It is your fault that your good looking teacher took advantage of you”

      Seriously! URGHH

  • george

    If I read the article correctly, it was objective, factual. Didn’t anyone read the part where he admitted to hugging, kissing and grabbing the buttocks of the student. I know the good ol boy system in Braham is in full effect on this one, but wake up people there are perverts everywhere. They come from good and bad families. From all walks of life. And for you ignorant folks of Braham, it doesn’t matter what the victim may have or not have done, he is the adult, the teacher, supposed to be teaching our kids about fitness not sex education. He admitted to it, doesn’t leave much doubt about guilt! I feel sorry for the Vavra family also, they are good people and this should not reflect on them. This reflects on Chris who is obbiously made a huge mistake. Feel sorry for the victim, we entrusted Chris with authority over her and he broke the trust and must now pay for it.

  • Adult vs. Child

    “Vavra said the next day he asked her how she was doing and apologized for what he said and gave her a hug and a kiss. He said he may have touched her buttocks during the exchange.”

    WHAT PART OF THIS IS APPROPRIATE????? A hug and a kiss? Seriously? How does a teacher accidently touch the buttocks of a child within a school setting?

    This article was objectively written. The criminal complaint is public record.

  • George

    For the ignorant person who stated that Chris made a simple mistake and shouldn’t be labors a sexual criminal. If you read the law you would know teachers are held to a higher standard. What he did is a felony and with that come jail time Forums bring labors a sexual predator. Read what the judge said. Grooming his victim. Look it up, just like Sandusky at Penn State groomed his victims. If convicted he will be required to register his address as a sex offender. Now to the extremely ignorant person who stated that Chris made oils be the victim because the girl may have come on to him. REALLY! You just showed your IQ, about a five. Each teacher knows what their job is. What is appropriate and what is not. If you think for a second he wouldn’t have had sex with her your crazy. He was in the grooming process. If we OK his temptation’s then I guess anything goes. Heck half of this pathetic town thinks that Nickle’s didn’t do anything wrong. Wake up he is guilty and he knows it and shame on those of you who turn a blind eye. We have not forgot about yo u Nickles just distracted.

    • mike


      I take serious offense to you saying that Braham is a pathetic town. I pay my taxes and law abiding and a very proud veteran, and yes a Christian. What he did was wrong, but saying a whole town is pathetic is wrong.

      • Christine

        He is saying the town is pathetic because of the ridiculous and outlandish support publicly given to an individual who targeted a less-than-sixteen year old girl sexually. Of course you pay your taxes. You have to. I, along with George and many others, am shocked at the amount of support that is being bestowed on this weirdo. The family maybe nice, sure, but that doesn’t mean squat. I don’t live in Braham, so I am not subject to the “good ol boys” politics that is happening at this time (according to another poster). I am completely shocked at the residents’ attitudes. Some of them, anyway….

        • Lauren

          I do live in Braham, and this young Teacher taught my Daughter…I AM APPAULED AT HIS BEHAVIOR!!! THIS COULD HAVE BEEN MY CHILD!! I don’t care who he is or where he was raised or how “good of a person” he is…HE COMMITED A CRIME, AND NEEDS TO PAY!!! He shouldn’t get treated any differently for what his name is, or how great of a braham student he was. Living in this town, and having children attend this School, I have seen first hand at how people get treated differently because of who they are and what their name is…THIS TOWN NEEDS TO WAKE-UP!!! STOP “PROTECTING” THE “GOOD-OLD BOYS”…AND START RECOGNIZING THE ONES THAT “EARN” THINGS…NOT BY WHO THEY ARE BUT FOR WHAT THEY DO!!!!! CLEAN HOUSE!!!

        • Parent

          I’m sure when you read some of the comments supporting this teacher it’s frustrating that some people seem to be condoning his actions. However, it’s ignorant on your part to lump a few supportive comments in with an entire community being “pathetic.” I certainly don’t support what he did and I know plenty of people who live here who feel the same way. I believe an individual committed this crime, not the entire school district or community. Why are we loosing focus on that???

        • REALLY

          Did you even read the Article? She came to him asking him “what he wanted for his Birthday Present”…now being a girl and having gone to school, the way you say things can make a huge difference!!! Now I am not saying that what Chris did was right but seriously 15, 16, 17 hell 18 year old girls know what they are doing, so to put all the blame on Chris is not right either….plus HE APOLOGIZED for being in the wrong!!! How many of you have Apologized to someone for a stupid mistake?! well that is what he did and yes he is going to have to deal with the actions he made because he is a teacher and he is held at a higher standard, but seriously to put a label on someone for ONE mistake that he apologized for would be wrong!!!

    • ellen

      George…. Really your going to bring Nickles into this! What does he have to do with any of this…. there is no need to bring him into this. Do you know what has happened with his case… no did not think so. You obviously have never been to Braham that town is not pathetic, it is a town where people actually care about one another. Unlike you who gets off on causing others pain. Grow up GEORGE!

      • george

        His case is public knowledge Ellen. What he has to do with this is another teacher who lost the reason they wanted to teach in the first place. I live in Braham Ellen, and I have seen over and over again how Braham takes care of itself and it make me ill. Time to clean all the dirty laundry sweetheart!

        • Olivia Johnson

          You are absolutely correct George! I moved to Braham 2 years ago and am appalled at the “Good Old Boys” club as I call it and what goes on in the town. We have Teachers who are coaches who can’t teach but are kept on because they are coaches and part of the “club”. We have 7 cops in a Town of less than 2,000 people and now we have a Sexual Predator Teacher who people are almost defending.

        • Out of towner

          George. You seem somewhat bitter. Don’t live in a small town if you don’t want to deal with small town politics.

        • ellen

          Yes it is public Laundry but i know that the nickles case doesn’t deal with his teaching it was the coaching. And maybe you should clean your own dirty laundry. And do not call me sweatheart. YOu maybe need to move out of Braham if you don’t like living in a small town.

  • Worried

    2 teachers from Braham, one from Mora who resided in Rush City and one teacher in Rush City school district. I am so concerned that this is in all the surrounding communities and it just has not come to light yet. Vavra admitted to this. How can people say wait until the whole story is put out. Any gal under 16 cannot make appropriate decisions when dealing with a manipulating adult, end of story! What would the other side be, she had a crush on the teacher, she solicited him? So what, she is a child and he took advantage of his position of authority. It seems that this teacher forgot he is no longer a student as he walked and taught in his old stomping grounds. Scarier yet, he is attracted to juveniles.

  • worm up

    vavra is a good person and theacher

    • sam

      was he your teacher?

  • SLP

    I have known Chris since the day he was born. He is a great person who has made a terrible mistake. When I was in school 20 years ago I too was kissed (on the head) and hugged by a teacher at the IMS. I didn’t think ANYTHING of it…and I still don’t. To the person who wrote on how girls dress. That is so true! No one should be talking crap about anyone until it is played out in court. I still and always will think Chris is a good guy who made a mistake!

    • IN-AWE

      I have a great amount of respect for this person..

  • former friend

    i was friends with chris when he went to cambridge and i know his family. i use to play football and basketball with him. chris is a good guy and was raised by a good family with full of love. i’m shocked and sadden!!!!!!!!!!!!! it doesnt matter who it is friends or family members because adults know what is right and what is wrong! chris is an adult and a teacher which he made a bad decision. he did admit to asking her to fool around and kissing her which is in appropriate. i feel bad for his family but he needs to pay for his actions. it’s not right for a teacher to ask a student to fool around with them. people shouldn’t be calling out the victim because she did the right thing by telling the authorities. if it was anyone else’s kid they would feel the same way! it doesn’t matter if it was consensual or even what the victim was wearing because he knows better. people need to stop saying how the victim could have temped him by wearing skimpy clothes because what he did was wrong. every one has choices and you can only blame yourself by the choices you make! it was out of line and he did admit to ask her to fool around with him. my prayers go out to his family and the victims family. i’m sadden and upset about this situation.

  • susan

    I have lived in Cambridge for 25 years… where is Braham??

    • george

      Susan, you need to get out more often!

  • Frustrated

    I can’t believe that this has turned into a town or a religion issue. There are probably people in every community that would do something like this. Unfortunately this is how our society has came to be. But this is about Mr. Vavra making a huge mistake and about a victim who was sought after by a person in authority. Some of these comments about Braham as a whole are ridiculous. They are stating that the town is condoning this type of behavior or simply looking the other way because of who it is. That is completely unlikely. Many of the comments that have portrayed support to Mr. Vavra have said they have known him since he was in diapers or they have known the family forever. This would make me believe that those comments are coming from a neighboring community to the south. Not Braham folks. Also, I would imagine if you did any research that this has happened with a member from every religion….who cares that he is Baptist. I am sick that I am beginning to feel more upset about the ignorant comments made on this newspaper article than I am about the incident. We should all be disgusted by the action of Mr. Vavra and quit the bad mouthing and blaming of towns/religion, etc. There is one person at fault. Let him receive the consequences…….instead of ridiculing others to make yourself feel better, try going out and doing something nice for someone else…..

    • IN-AWE


  • concerned parents

    The town of Braham and teachers/staff at Braham schools have historically protected or “stood up for” the offenders in instances like this. When Barry Ostrander victimized 4 young girls in this town (and in the school), teachers wrote letters in support of him saying “he just made a mistake”. People in the town of Braham ostracized the victims in his case. So the comments made above referring to Braham’s “good old boy” network and the “back country comments” are coming from past experience in this town/school district. The community of Braham needs to protect and stand up for the victim, not the offender. There is NO circumstance EVER in which it should be accepted as a “mistake” for an adult, let alone a teacher, to victimize a child. The school needs to take a united stand and state that these things are not accepted or welcomed instead of staying quiet or writing letters to support the offender, regardless of what a “good guy” he was. Teachers expect the students to accept consequences for their actions, it is ingrained in them since Kindergarten, it’s time for the teachers to support consequences for the actions of fellow teachers as well. (I do not mean to lump ALL teachers/staff or ALL Brahm town members in the group of supporting offender over victim, but these are the louder of the 2)

    • parent

      There’s probably alot of young teachers, male & female alike, who walk a fine line when they are new teachers with very little age difference between themselves & students. I really think that there should be some strict licensing rules, some pre-teaching counseling and maybe even some pre-teaching testing of some sort to help weed out those that may tend to be attracted to the power & adoration they’ll soon have in thier new positions of authority and access to teenagers. I think we all can recall some leering looks by teachers- and they usually were the new young teachers. Most of all, we can’t tolerate it. THis is one thing the School Board and Legislature needs to start looking at. Maybe newly licensed teachers need to be mentored and monitored for a year or two before they can be on thier own… and maybe they should not be allowed to coach until after thier “aprenticeship” is over.

    • IN-AWE

      When the people who say “CLEAN HOUSE” and other things of that nature, they have no idea who the good teachers of the school TRULY are. As a graduate of Braham, there are some outstanding teachers who have helped me throughout my high-school career, an to say such nonsense is ridiculous. There are PLENTY of good people who work HARD at teaching and do a FANTASTIC job at it. To punish the hard working for others mistakes makes no sense at all..

  • Braham’05

    I actually went to school with Chris in Braham and graduated with him. I will agree with the people that say that back then Chris seemed like a very nice guy and a strong christian….. However people change and/or people can PRETEND to be whom ever and whatever they want to be precieved as. Unfortunately a young girl was hurt in the event of Chris’s TRUE nature coming out. However

    • abc

      i went to Bethel with chris and been friends with him for 10+ years. before you make comments about his TRUE character let me ask you something… have you ever done something wrong? do you think that is who you truly are and that is your true character or just a mistake? some of you people just make comments because you want to be apart of the drama…

      • Olivia Johnson

        He kissed, hugged, fondled and asked a girl under 16 years old if she wanted to fool around. That is not a mistake. That is sick.

      • REALLY

        I completely Agree!!!

  • george

    Thank you concerned parents. I couldn’t have said it better. This is exactly what I have been trying to say. It is the history of Braham to look the other way. Thank you Braham 05, people can act like they are good. A good christian doesn’t do what he did (remember he admitted to it). Call it what it is. This is not a mistake you get a get out of jail free card for and chalk it up as a “mistake”. He is a sexual predator looking to abuse young imature females, and that is sick. I feel the most sorry for his wife. What an embarrasement to deal with. Does anyone feel sorry for her. Plus the victim, what a lesson to learn at school ha?

    • IN-AWE

      i love that whole family with my heart, ESPECIALLY his wife. She is one of the most genuine and faith filled people i know.

  • John Johnson

    Another Braham Area High School debacle. Shut it down.

    • Lauren

      YOUR A IDIOT!!! Shut it down??? My children go here…we live here.

      • Ann

        And what are you going to do when a Teacher touches your child or a Teacher fails your child and the rest of them stand up for them? There are other schools for the children to go to that will actually teach and manage our children. It is a sick sick environment that protects anyone who is a coach or who has lived or lives in the town.

  • Appalled

    Do any of you stop to think for a second that the families of those involved may be reading these posts and that they are going through enough already without your stupid, thoughtless commentaries? Put yourselves in their shoes and think how you would feel if it was someone you loved who was either the victim or the perpetrator and then think about the unkind, judgemental or simply ridiculous things you have posted.

    • abc

      finally someone with some common sense and a heart… thank you Appalled

    • heartbroken


  • ellen

    I do not know about anyone else but George needs to stop talking!!!! You’re just pissing people off!

    • george

      Hey Ellen, I live in the United States of America, not in your world. Freedom of Speech is a right I have fought for and I won’t stop just cause you don’t like it. If I am pissing “people off”, I hope its the people that are in the good ol boy system and want to protect it. Seems like a may have struck a cord with you. Follow the facts, Im not the only one on here talking about cleaning house. But thanks for your opinion, its also what I fought for and I wont even tell you to stop talking.

      • ellen

        Personally George you must not know any of the teachers in Braham. Such as Nickles and Vavra. They are both good people. Yes what Chris did was wrong but we are all human,and make mistakes he will never teach again which is correct I am not arguing with that i just do not believe it is right to bring others into this?

  • Concerned about what’s written

    Has anyone given any thought that a lot of this information could be half truth or not all facts are given. The media has been known to do that a few times. Yes, I am speaking from experience. Please wait till all this goes through the court system before passing judgement.

    • Olivia Johnson

      He admitted it. There are no half truths.

  • Stop judging others, or therefore you be judged in return as well.

    Seriously, who are we to judge anyone? We were not there, nor do we know all the facts and I am sure we never will. It is not our place to place judgment on anyone, it is God’s alone. We are suppose to support and help others, so I would encourage we all pull together and help these 2 individuals who need our help and support, and remember when you do not know, stop and think before you speak – You do more harm than good! One should never assume they know the situation until they know the facts! Prayers are needed here, NOT JUDGMENT!

    • Olivia Johnson

      Prayers are needed for the Victim and for the Sexual Predator’s Wife and both their families so they can get past this and find peace.

      Prayers are needed that Vavra goes to Prison and is not running the streets to sexually abuse someone else’s daughter. He is 24 years old. She was under 16. He is sick.

      • Sick

        100% DISAGREE with you! Would u be talking like this if it was your brother, son, family member? Chris is none of those for me but I do have a teen daughter and wouldn’t think twice for her to be around him and I still wouldn’t think twice!!!! U do NOT know him!! I have known him since the day he was born. He is like part of my family! No one knows the WHOLE truth!

        • Parent

          And clearly you are too close to him to see this objectivly. I’m sure if he were my brother, son, or family member I would be devistated by his actions but that doesn’t change the fact that he took advantage of a child he was suppose to be teaching! His actions changed that girls life forever and nothing he says now will change that. You say we don’t know the whole truth but he admitted to asking her if she wanted to “fool around.” That crosses the boundary between student and teacher and that’s all I need to know. If you wouldn’t think twice about leaving your teenage daughter around him you need to rethink your role as a parent. The majority of children who are molested are molested by a “trusted” family friend or relative. I’m sure Chris is a very nice guy, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have an illness!

          • SLP

            I NEVER said it wasnt a devistating thing! There are a lot of people in life that will twist and turn ANYTHING a person says (even the news paper). So it may sound like he admitted it…. until it plays out in court I wont believe any of it. It is a sad thing for everyone involved!

        • Olivia Johnson

          I would be talking like this if it were my daughter. He is a sick sick man who hugged, kissed and fondled a girl under 16 years old.

    • Zach

      Who are we to judge? Are you serious? Here’s a short list:

      – taxpayers
      – concerned and engaged parents
      – potential jurors
      – citizens in a country that takes the separation of church and state seriously.

      That’s who we are and why we get to judge.

      Your post offends me. Please unplug your computer and step away from the keyboard.

  • Pete

    The victim in this case needs to be praised for her strength and courage to come forward. MOST instances such as this go unreported. Victims tend to be afraid, and for good reason. This is not the first time the alleged suspect has thought of doing something like this, and no doubt would not have been the last. These situations progress over months and years until a person like this acts out and has relationship with a young person. This victim will be able to move forward and most likely not suffer the affects potential future victims would have, or God forbid, affects that may have happened if she had allowed this behavior to continue and progress. This individual is most likely SICK with an illness that if not treated, would have ended in one or more DESTROYED lives! Its not about supporting or not supporting one side or the other, its about whats right. Support the truth, support whats right. Whats right is for CHILDREN to the have the opportunity to attend school or other venues and not only BE safe, but FEEL safe.

  • tj

    I hope the Truth is found in all of this mess!! Its the Truth that is important here!! You cannot believe everything you read!! Words can be twisted, actions misinterpreted!! As a community we should want the Truth, and then help those who are involved to see that Truth!!

  • wearehuman

    Christians are people too… We all do things that are horribly displeasing to God, it is not our place to decide which is worse then the other. Before we can judge another, we need to look at ourselves. We have a judicial system to handle the punishments for unlawful actions. Chris and the poor girl need prayers and guidance. One good thing for Chris is he will be forgiven of this from our Lord if he truly repents… It is only Gods place to decide Chris’s Christianity or a lack thereof. Unfortunately many have shown in these comments just how unforgiving and judgemental we as man can be.

  • Dan

    Who are we to judge this person, or anyone of this matter? End of story

    • Zach


      Please see my above post.

      And for you to declare “end of story” is ridiculous. This, my friend, is only the beginning of the story. Everyone involved will have to live with this terrible, terrible event for the rest of their lives.

      I hope people never forget what Mr. Vavra has done.

      • Olivia Johnson

        I am sorry – I meant I agree Zach!

      • what’s the outcome?

        I highly doubt people will forget what Mr. Vavra did. But I am wondering if we will ever hear about the final outcome or what has happened since his arrest – hasn’t he already had a recent court date? Right or wrong, it’s the courts decision and might I remind everyone here we are all innocent until proven guilty – that is the freedom of being an American citizen! Prayers are needed here for everyone involved, for no one really knows the WHOLE truth! Plus no one has the right to judge another person – that is for God and God alone. (I would like to say that the paper seems to like to tell us the bad stuff and not follow up with an outcome, i.e. David Nickles issue too was left unresolved for the community?) But it would be nice to see the paper finish what it started…and Braham really needs more good news than bad now. Praying for all involved and hopes everyone will start to pray too for these people all need our help.

  • sad

    Please pray for this family and especially for his new wife during this very difficult time.

  • disgusted

    Has anyone paused to take the following into account that the teachers at Braham are not supporting Mr. Vavra but are actually trying to focus on the students who there every day.

    George, there is no good old boy network going on, most of us just tend to let the process play out in court which in case you have forgotten in another of the freedoms that is protected under the Constitution or Bill of Rights. However you and some of your fellow posters are tending to try this case in the media or here on the internet.

  • 05 braham alumni

    i went to school with chris and he was a great guy. he made a mistake and has to pay the consequences. chris did admit in his statement when he asked her to fool around with him. he is an adult and he knows better! christians do make mistakes but also we have to pay the price when we break the law. this situation shocks me and saddens me. my prayers go out to both families.

  • good ol boys

    It sounds as if the courts did their best to not be associated with this case, and to take the “good ol boy” system out of play. That part of the article seemed to be ignored.

    The teachers of this school, and his family members should not be lumped in with this sick individual. I’m not trying to call him names, but this kind of behavior is the result of an illness. He brought this disgrace on himself, and he deserves what he gets. In the year 2011 we can’t let the Gary Sandusky’s and Chris Vavra’s take innocence from kids. This behavior needs to be stopped. It takes an extreme arrogance to feel that you are so “special” that you can cheat on your spouse with your 8th grade student. This isn’t a poor decision-this is a person with poor morals.
    I’m glad that I live in a society where people can leave comments, and bring this kind of behavior to light. The people who leave messages of support for felons, and the people that don’t think we should talk about these issues so that feelings don’t get hurt, are the people that make guys like Chris think that this is socially acceptable behavior. I’m sure that this discussion does cause pain to the people who love Chris. However, he brought this shame to himself. He is the one that put his family and friends through this pain. Tax payers, PARENTS, and concerned citizens need a place to voice their frustrations. Those people that only care about their “own” feelings or the feelings of “Vavra’s” are missing the point. You are not the victims. The citizens of this community are the victims. At the very least you should allow them the opportunity to voice their displeasure when this sort of thing happens in our community. Our tax dollars paid his salary, he molested one of our kids. I believe in second chances and I believe people can change, and I wish him the best. However, this behavior cannot be tolerated. I find it hard to believe that those of you who are showing your support in this forum have kids. I’m sure that your opinion would be different if you came home from work and found out that your 15 year old daughter was molested by her married teacher.

  • heartbroken

    I have been sitting here reading all these and am in tears.I am closer to this girl than you know.She trusted him and he was someone she could talk to if she had problems in school as any teacher should be there for a student.She did not ASK to be touched by the way she dressed and did not come on to him.I agree he was a good person,but unfortunately made a horrible mistake and now he has to pay.I pray for the victim and also Chris’ family that time will help heal their hearts.

  • Olivia Johnson

    He went to Court on December 29th. Does anyone know what happened in Court? I think the newspaper should be following up. This man lives near our Community and we need to track what is happening.

  • Bill

    Legally, what he did was wrong – black and white. But a Sandusky comparison is just stupid. There’s a big difference between sodomizing young boys and a hug, kiss, and “may have touched her buttocks,” with a 15 year old girl. Come on.

    I have never commented on an article before, but for some reason, I am on this one. Lots of people on here seem like they want to play judge and jury. Isn’t sin, sin? Does God judge one sin worse than another? I don’t know, but John 8:7 is sweet, “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone…..”

    Yep, by law, Chris screwed up. However, I sincerely hope he’ll be able to move on and have a good life. Maybe we should do the same.
    Now that I’ve wasted my time….

    • bobby

      Agreed, the Sandusky comparison is over the top. What took place in PA and this case are on two completely different levels.

      However, on your “sin is sin” and John 8:7 references, the bible also teaches that God is pretty big on justice, and there has to be justice for a young girl who was taken advantage of by an individual who was supposed to be responsible for her well being when she was in his class. Don’t you think?

      I hope he can move on from this too, and lead a good life, but it shouldn’t involve a job that allows him to be anywhere near minors.


    What really makes me sick is that you people act like they had sex…or he raped her!!! He touched her butt, hugged and kissed her…Yes wrong actions to do with a student, and obviously he is paying for his mistake!!! But really who are you to Judge Chris Character or his Morals!!! Seriously I bet you that say he is a “sexual predator” have NEVER made a mistake!! Never right, because other wise we would have to call you “cheaters”, “Lier’s” “Stealer”, and “idiots” for the rest of your life too!!! Really, can you say “TWO way standard”. I my self would not want any of those labels on me and through out my 25 years of life I have done them as well, so you with kids that are 15, or 16 I bet you have too. And shame on you for thinking you are any better then him, just because his “Dirty Laundry” has been hung out for everyone to see does not make you better than him!!!

    • Tommy the Hamster

      My goodness it gets so tiring explaining this to people all the time. Ma’am, your friend IS a pervert. He IS a criminal. And, by his own admission, he IS guilty.

      Who are we to judge? We, ma’am, are called the jury in the court of law. In public, we are called citizens of the United States, which gives us the right to free speech.

      That’s who we are. Based on your writing, I think I know who you are: unemployed and uninformed. Congratulations on earning that diploma from Braham High School!