Middle class makes a country strong

Dear Editor:

Mr. Wennberg states: “… I think Obama plays a dangerous game when he plays class warfare. If he gets his way and destroys the rich, the best job in the country will be herding sheep.”

Why give Obama the credit for playing class warfare? What about the multi-national companies that pay allegiance (or taxes) to no country, who give their jobs to the cheapest labor they can find, and who then want to sell their products back to the people who formerly produced them? What about the 1 percent who control the wealth of the nation and the 10 to 20 percent that are looking for work? … Doesn’t this smell a little like class warfare too; like maybe we are coming under the dominance of a new form of aristocracy, the aristocracy of the rich and powerful?

Obama and the Democrats aren’t responsible for this; look to people like the Koch brothers and to the Republican House of Representatives members like: John Boehner, Erich Cantor, or Mitch McConnell, men who voted to let the countries credit rating die in agony, and who determinably refuse to let the wealthy pay a fair share of taxes and prefer that the middle class sacrifice their Social Security and Medicare instead.

It’s not the rich who make a country strong, it’s the middle class. When the middle class have jobs and money to spend the whole country prospers. When it’s only the rich that have money then we are just another banana republic.

Herding sheep, … there’s a lot of those “misfits” out there on the street who’d love to have a job herding sheep; … any job at all.

Dave Skeldon, Bradford