Proposal puts a ‘for sale’ sign on county government

Dear Editor:

The recent proposal by the Isanti County Board to privatize and end eight food service jobs does nothing for the taxpayer but place a “for sale” sign on county government.

It tells county workers that their jobs and commitments to Isanti County are not as sacred as the profit of private contractors. This county must not be sold to the highest bidder to become an inferior product that will cost taxpayers more over both the short and long term.

This proposal will not only eliminate jobs, but will shortcut the accountability to the taxpayer. It has the potential to take away the governmental oversight crucial to promoting the quality of services Isanti county enjoys. You may think that eight workers is just a drop in the bucket, but I’m here to tell you that these workers have families, pay taxes, and support the local economy. If jobs get privatized, workers will no longer be able to support their families and communities.

Isanti County Board members, please reject this proposal.

Biran Aldes, Vice President
Teamsters Local 320
Chief Negotiator for Isanti County workers