Class warfare

Dear Editor:

Well Obama has played his last trump card and he is playing the poor against the rich.

He has managed to stir up a few million loose cannons and has them convinced they should all hate the people in Wall Street, banks and most of all the rich.

It started out with a few kooks running around with signs saying they want free college education, take the money from the rich and give to them and other off the wall things.

The whole thing started out to be peaceful but now it is starting to get nasty. The banks are being destroyed with litter, urine, feces and other things. Some of the protesters have gone to some of the bankers and Wall Street people’s houses to protest. How would you like to have your wife and kids scared to death because of a few misfits who want something for nothing. The police have arrested some of them but they found out quick the protesters were allowed to destroy things in the name of protest. Some people compare these people with the tea party but that is a crock. I never saw any protests at people’s houses or destroy property. It was mostly peaceful. Everybody has the right to protest. But we have to know what we are protesting about. Why don’t they protest at Washington where the root of the problem started. Remember both parties saying everybody deserves to own a house? I think Obama plays a dangerous game when he plays class warfare. If he gets his way and destroys the rich, the best job in this country will be herding sheep.

Jerry Wennberg