Dalbo Township celebrates 125th anniversary

Dalbo Township celebrated its 125th Anniversary this summer. It culminated with over 350 people attending the potluck get-together at the Town Hall.

What a sight it was to see all those people sitting around and chatting about the good ‘old days’ and catching up on the juicy tidbits of today. There were guests that came to attend all the way from Connecticut to California and South Carolina to Arizona.

Many of the folks had not seen each other since their school days, but that didn’t stop them from having a great time. Delores Keegan, who is now 92, was not even the oldest person to attend.

Delores came from Rapid City, S.D. and was accompanied by her daughter Kathy Keegan of Connecticut. Delores is the daughter of Hannah Olson who was a life-long resident of Dalbo Township. Hannah, who had purchased a 1952 Chevy pickup at one time, was always known for driving around in her beloved car for years and years. Most everyone that attended can still picture her in that pickup, so when it was suddenly seen driving down the dirt road, you can imagine the hubbub that arose. Bob Bulford, who now owns Hannah’s 1952 Chevy, and several other folks kindly drove their historic cars to the celebration for people to enjoy looking at and reminiscing about. It was especially memorable for Delores and Kathy to see that old Chevy driving down the road once again.

Besides some fantastically restored old cars and pickups, there were three pristinely restored tractors that made the trip to the town hall. Glenn Splittstoser, Arnie Stromberg, and Roger Larson drove theirs for everyone to see. Several people commented on “how straight and proud they sat in their seats” as they came and then left at the end. Overall, it turned out to be a memorable afternoon for everyone.

A historical book was published documenting the history of the Township from the very beginning of the first settlers to the present time. It also includes a fairly comprehensive list of students who attended the five country schools in the Township (Lincoln, Whittier/Tolin, Northstar/Stockholm, Carmody, and Beehive schools). Copies of this book have now been distributed all around the country, it has even traveled as far as a library in Sweden where the settlers of Dalbo originated from.

Books are still available to be purchased. If you would like one, just send $15 per book plus $5 for shipping and handling to either Donn Olson or Kathy Benson; make checks out to Dalbo Township. Addresses: Kathy Benson, 38564 Roanoke St NW, Dalbo, MN 55017 or Donn Olson, 38485 HWY 47 NW, Dalbo, MN 55017. They can also be picked up directly from them if you are in the Dalbo area and wish to avoid paying the $5 shipping and handling fee. For information or questions, call Donn Olson at 763-689-1428.

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