Cambridge moves on projects

Projects include sound wall at salt shed; bridge repair

By Rachel Kytonen

The city of Cambridge is hoping to get two important projects done before the winter season officially begins.

During the Cambridge City Council meeting Monday, Nov. 7, Public Works Director Steve Wegwerth informed the council about two projects he feels need to be done as soon as possible.

The first project involves putting up a sound barrier wall at the site of the recently constructed public works salt shed. The second project involves fixing an issue on the bridge located on Main Street South.

Wegwerth informed the council that the salt shed has been installed so this winter public works staff will no longer have to worry about putting tarps over the sand piles.

However, since the salt shed is located in a residential neighborhood, he is concerned about noise and lights from the salt trucks.

Wegwerth said all the salt trucks have back-up beepers and headlights. Since public works staff begin loading the salt trucks some mornings as early as 2 a.m., he is concerned public works may begin to get some complaints from neighbors regarding the noise and headlights.

Wegwerth recommend putting up a minimum 10 feet high sound barrier to help defray the noise and sound. He explained he has $8,000 left in the salt shed project budget to use to fund the sound barrier wall.

Following discussion, the council approved directing public works to install a sound barrier wall with a cost not to exceed $8,000.


Main Street South Bridge

Wegwerth said it was brought to his attention from a concerned resident about an issue on the Main Street South bridge.

Wegwerth explained during a bridge inspection, inspectors found that the sliding pads underneath the bridge have slipped, due to the bridge expanding and contracting based on hot and cold weather.

Wegwerth reiterated the issue is not a structural issue, and there is no immediate action required.

However, he did say the problem should get fixed this fall so it doesn’t lead to further issues.

Wegwerth said he got one bid of $10,400 from Lunda Construction who are already in Cambridge working on the 2nd Ave. bridge. He said he is waiting on a bid price yet from Redstone.

The work will cause one-lane of bridge traffic to be closed for one or two days, but a detour will not be necessary.

Following discussion, the council made a motion to approve the repair of the Main Street South bridge with a cost of not to exceed $10,400 with the final contract to be determined by staff.

Cambridge Mayor Marlys Palmer noted the bridge is probably only 15 or 16 years old. She also directed Wegwerth to research the history of the bridge and to see if the bridge builder would compensate the city for any portion of the cost to repair the bridge. She felt there shouldn’t be any issues with a bridge of that age.

Wegwerth said he will follow-up with her request, but noted both Lunda and Redstone contractors have seen this type of issue with bridges.